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*************************************************** MicroRules of the EVOLUTION Echomail Conference. *************************************************** Modified 11 DEC 1992, ripped off from the SCIENCE Echo Rules The Evolution Echo exists to provide a forum for discussion of biological science topics, especially evolutionary mechanism theory topics. Also of great interest to participants is how to counter the teaching of pseudo- science in science classrooms. The Evolution Echo is a *science* oriented echo, and appropriateness of messages will be judged accordingly. MetaRule 1) DO NOT respond to inappropriate messages with an echo message. MetaRule 2) DO NOT enter inappropriate messages Rules: 1) No illegal messages. Posting an illegal message is to be considered excessively annoying. 2) No obscenity or foul language. There is no need to express a science message in vulgar language. 3) There are many different echomail conferences. Enter your message into the *most appropriate* echo. 4) Advertisements should be limited to items of a scientific interest and should not be posted by those with a vested interest in the item being sold, unless specifically requested by another echo participant. 5) Appropriate messages will have a scientific component, or at least an asserted scientific component. 6) There is no Rule 6. ;-) 7) Messages which insult or attack an individual are not appropriate. Pointing out gaps in fields of reference (otherwise known as "ignorance") is *not* an attack. 8) Each user is requested to consider the quantity and quality of his/her messages. 9) Evolution vs Creationism: This long running topic is obviously of considerable interest. Two points are important for keeping the discussion appropriate for the EVOLUTION echo. Science makes no claim to be a source for all truth, i.e. events and activities which are unobservable and/or untestable are outside the realm of scientific inquiry. Religious beliefs that are outside the limits of science may be true or not. *Supporting* or *attacking* religious belief is inappropriate in the EVOLUTION echo. 10) Moderation messages not entered by the moderator are NOT appropriate in the echo. Echo Glossary: [Evolution] is defined by most biologists to be "a change in allele frequency in a population over time." This is *observed* to happen. This is the definition that is operative in this echo. [Evolutionary mechanism theories] are scientific theories with much utility in many practical areas such as genetic engineering, antibiotic research etc. As theory, these are open to continuous revision. Most biologists who bother to use the terms [microevolution] and [macroevolution] place the boundary at speciation events, with all evolutionary change that occurs that does not cause speciation to be considered microevolution and speciation or higher taxa changes to be macroevolution. The boundary is *fuzzy*, because the terminology is not descriptive of differing mechanisms of action and because biologists are not a monolithic block. [Creationism] is the belief that a creator somehow is responsible for the universe and life found within it. Many different forms of creationism have been noted. Several researchers in evolutionary biology are creationists, and some believe that science merely elucidates the mechanisms which a creator used in bringing forth living beings. [Scientific Creationism] is a phrase coined and defined by former members of the American Scientific Affiliation who got fed up with the theistic evolutionary focus of the ASA. The phrase is often contracted in this Echo to [SciCre]. SciCre is a subset of creationist belief that holds that the universe and all living "kinds" were brought into being by an omnipotent creator in a six day period between six and ten thousand years ago, in accordance with one of the creation tales in the book of Genesis. Further, SciCre holds that the scientific evidence supports this belief, and excludes anything except "microevolution" as defined by SciCre-ists. (The SciCre-ist definition of "microevolution" corresponds closely to the definition which biologists give to "evolution". See above.) SciCre is limited to Genesis as a source text, as various SciCre-ists have gone on record that all other religions and a-religious beliefs are "evolutionary" at basis. SciCre is also used as a catch-phrase to put forward the notion that this belief set should be taught in public school science classes either alongside evolutionary theories or in place of them. ***** Signoff ****************** Thanks for your assistance in helping EVOLUTION fulfill its purpose. It can't happen without your help. Wesley R. Elsberry, moderator Evolution echo conference 1:347/303 509-627-6267 elsberry@cse.uta.edu ***** The End (finally) ********


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