The claim has frequently been made on this newsgroup that there is no experimental verific

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The claim has frequently been made on this newsgroup that there is no experimental verification for evolution. I will, in this article, present one such piece of experimental verification. But first, a definition for experimental verification: The hypothesis must make a prediction. The prediction must be capable of being proved false, should the hypothesis be wrong. Then the necessary experiment should be done, and the results compared with the prediction. Experiments have determined that various proteins vary differently in different organisms. As an example, globin, a protein in blood, is quite similar in all organisms that possess it. But some organism's globin is more similar to human globin than other's, and it turns out that we can make a tree like the following: (Original) ABCDEFGHIJK (1) ^ / \ / \ /------- --------\ ABCDEFGHIJZ (2) ABCDEFGHIJK(3) ^ / \ /-------/ \----\ ABCDEFMHIJZ (4) ABCDEFRHIJZ (5) I think you get the idea. Note that the difference between (4) and (5) is in one position. But between (5) and (3) there is a difference in two positions. Note that we can create such a tree no matter what the organism's proteins are. Evolution claims that the origin of this tree is that the organisms in question had a common parent. For this to be true, the tree must be the same no matter what protein is tested. We are therefore led to the following hypothesis: Hypothesis: All mutatable molecules have the same "similarity tree." Experiment: Examine molecules from various organisms. Determine the similarity tree for each molecule, and compare the various trees. Guess what? It turns out that ALL proteins AND DNA have almost identical trees! The statistical odds of this happening by chance are INCREDIBLY small. The only conceivable cause of this is that the organisms are related. Part of the most remarkable part of this is that the useless stretches of DNA are affected in the exact same way. If they were created, then why were they created to have the same similarity tree as the useful stretches of DNA? Even better: most evolutionists, at the time, thought this experiment would turn out the other way! It seems there *is* experimental evidence for evolution, after all. Michael I. Bushnell a/k/a Bach II mike@turing.UNM.EDU


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