The Plot of creationists, as faithful as an old hound dog: New Creationist face with +quot

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The Plot of creationists, as faithful as an old hound dog: New Creationist face with "fresh" perspective crashes onto EVOLUTION echo as a valiant crusader. The "fresh" perspective is, underneith its shiny new outfit, shown to be the same old dirty laundry that has been aired here before, so many times. The EVOLUTIONers hail the newcomer with derision and dung. The tarnished crusader, knocked off of the high steed of authority, engages in hand to hand combat, and gradually comes to realize that he is up against a formidible foe. Perhaps in league with the forces of evil itself. Blood is drawn. As the crusader weakens, he starts to promise to return to the battle soon with the Holy Grail, the Proof, the Theory, the Unassailible Truth. Battle after battle is fought, the terrible foe ever scoffing at the weakened and indefensible position of the horribly wounded crusader. Finally, a pathetic little dagger is drawn by the crusader, probably spoon shaped, rusty, with "Made Many Times Before" stamped clearly on its blade, and weakly, he shouts, "Here it is; well, this is not all of it, only part of it, and if I only had time I would return with the real Sword Of Truth, but I have so many other pursuits, and I am so very busy, and you are so mean, and heartless, and cruel, and your evil is so total and complete that I doubt that even the Sword of Truth could ever penetrate your horny hide." Whereupon the trounced villin hides himself to a monastery to lick his scabrous wounds and curse all villianous bullies of the EVOLUTION echo. ------------------- With appologies to rob derrick, who posted this is the newsgroup on Compu$pend.


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