New Evidence for Creation! Since we have seen recently how recent scientific research into

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New Evidence for Creation! Since we have seen recently how recent scientific research into the changing body temperature of man has established that humanity is no more than a few thousand years old, I have now discovered new evidence that the Ark was constructed in accord with scientific principles. Creationism is triumphing! Pandering immoral atheistic evolutionist so-called scientists often mock the reality of the Ark by saying that it could not contain one pair of all kinds. Unfortunately, some creationist scientists of weak faith have responded to this criticism with suggestions that kinds are not identical to species, that not all animals need be taken on the Ark, or other watering down of the truth. One should consider this evidence. According to Robert M. May, in _Scientific American_, October 1992, pp. 42-48, the critical factor in loading the Ark would be the largest creatures. The number of species decreases by a factor of 100 when a typical linear dimension of an animal increases by a factor of 10. We can approximate the total volume of pairs of species of animals of a given size by the following table: linear dimension number of species total volume cumulative (meters) of one pair volume of each species (upper bound) (cubic meters) 5-10 10 20,000 20,000 1-5 100 25,000 45,000 .5-1 1,000 2,000 47,000 .1-.5 10,000 2,500 49,500 .05-.1 100,000 200 49,700 .01-.05 1,000,000 250 49,950 .005-.01 10,000,000 20 49,970 Or, consider the dimensions of the Ark as given in Genesis: 300 cubits by 50 cubits by 30 cubits, or (a cubit equaling .48 meter) 144x24x15 = 51,840 cubic meters. The difference provides quite adequate quarters for the family of Noah. Finally, not only is it possible to fit all species of land and air animals on the Ark, but it is clear that the author of this plan had a very good idea of the size distribution of these animals! Can this good fit be explained as just being a coincidence? This is irrefutable evidence for the reality of the Ark, the fixity of species, and creationism! -- Tom Scharle |cm65n6@irishmvs(Bitnet) Room G003 Computing Center | University of Notre Dame Notre Dame, IN 46556-0539 USA


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