The definition of Creationscience: from Arkansas ACT 590 of 1981, Section 4, Definitions.

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The definition of Creation-science: from Arkansas ACT 590 of 1981, Section 4, Definitions. 1. Sudden Creation of the Universe, energy, and life from nothing 2. The insufficiency of mutation and natural selection in bringing about development of all living kinds from a single organism 3. Changes only with fixed limits of originally created kinds of plants and animals 4. Separate ancestry for man and apes 5. Explanation of the Earth's geology by catastrophism, including the occurrence of a world-wide flood 6. A relatively recent inception of the Earth and living kinds (being the Arkansas Equal Time Law - originally drafted by Paul Ellwanger, a respiratory therapist, from South Carolina): ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Now I am not claiming that a layman cannot add to the body of science, but, as Ellwanger himself is on record, the list was not inspired by science, and the entire exercise (writing a law that would force the teaching of creation in public school science classes) was purely religiously motivated. The educator who was called on to produce a curriculum that supported this Act was not able to find any significant texts that weren't riddled with religious dogma. Judge Overton's decision clearly and completely demolishes each point of the Act, and shows that it is nothing more than an attempt to disguise religion, specifically Christian Fundementalism, as science.


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