Subject: fossil, schmossil. what about the bug!? In article 1992Oct5.174235.18587@news.nd.

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From: Chris Colby Subject: fossil, schmossil... what about the bug!? Organization: animal -- coelomate -- deuterostome From: (Chris Colby) Message-ID: Newsgroups: In article <> (Scharle) writes: > In a recent issue of Science, there is a review article and a >research article about a dryopithecine fossil (Dryopithecus branchoi) Bah, another rock... who cares? Turn to page 1933 in same issue and read something interesting 8-) DeSalle, et. al., have sequenced DNA from a 25-30 million year old termite encased in amber. They then dumped the sequence into a computer program that draws phylogenies and guess what? The "fossil" DNA clustered with DNA from a morpholo- gically similar termite species living today. You know, sort of like the theory of evolution predicts. Question to creationists: do you have a theory that predicts anything? Just wondering. Of course, the article deals mainly with using this information to address a scientific question, not as a "here's more evidence for evolution" sort of thing. No real scientist take creationism seriously. The type of termite found was thought to be near the proposed phylogenetic split between termites and cockroaches and the authors use the data to help get a better idea of the pattern of relationship of between these groups. The groups results support the idea that this type of termite is not a "missing link" between these two groups as a few others had previously suggested given their analysis of morphological data. There is also a News article that reports (amidst some _Jurassic Park_ nonsense) that preliminary results indicate that some guy has got DNA from a 200 million year old fish and some woman is trying to get DNA from 400 million year old brachiopods! REFERENCE: DeSalle, et. al., 1992, DNA sequences from a fossil termite in Oligo-Miocene amber and their phylogenetic implications, Science 257: 1933-1936 >Tom Scharle |cm65n6@irishmvs(Bitnet) Chris Colby --- email: --- "'My boy,' he said, 'you are descended from a long line of determined, resourceful, microscopic tadpoles--champions every one.'" --Kurt Vonnegut from "Galapagos"


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