To: All Msg #336, Jul1593 03:23PM Subject: SN1987A Distance Since the distance to SN1987A

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From: Dave Knapp To: All Msg #336, Jul-15-93 03:23PM Subject: SN1987A Distance Organization: Laboratory for Experimental Astrophysics From: dk@imager (Dave Knapp) Message-ID: <224osk$> Newsgroups: Since the distance to SN1987A has recently come up, and since I am the one who (as far as I know) first introduced it into the creation/evolution debate, I decided it was time to actually go out and get some decent references. The reference I originally had was: "Ring Around SN1987A Supernova Provides a New Yardstick," Physics Today, Feb. 1991 p. 20. This work has now appeared in a peer-reviewed journal: "Properties of the SN1987A Circumstellar Ring and the Distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud," by N. Panagia et al., Astrophysical Journal _380_, L23-L26 (1991). Using a ring of material surrounding the supernova remnant, the distance was geometrically determined to be 51.2 +/- 3.1 kpc, or about 167,000 ly with an error of about 6%. Unfortunately for young-Earth creationists, the error makes it essentially impossible to support a decaying-speed-of-light argument. There are a few other related articles for the obsessively interested: Fransson et al., Ap. J. _336_, 429-441 (1989) Crotts, Kunkel, and McCarthy, Ap. J. _347_, L61-L64 (1989) Bond et al., Ap. J. _354_, L49-L52 (1990) Jakobsen et al., Ap. J. _369_, L63-L66 (1991)


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