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From: Usenet To: All Msg #141, Oct-06-93 09:21AM Subject: Re: Found on soc.religion.christian Organization: GM NAO R&D Center From: Bill Hamilton Message-ID: <28uuqb$> Newsgroups: In article <> Seth J. Bradley, writes: > "IT IS BIGOTRY FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS TO TEACH ONLY ONE THEORY OF ORIGINS" > > Hmmm. Did Clarence Darrow ever say that? > > Tom McIver attempted to track down the source of this quote [1]. The > results are very interesting. > First it should be noted that it wouldn't make any sense for Darrow > to say such a thing at the Scopes trial. Darrow was trying to defend the > practice of teaching *only* evolution, which is what the Dayton public > schools were doing at the time of the Scopes trial [1]. Whoa! Is this a typo or did I miss something? I thought that Tennessee had a law prohibiting the teaching of evolution, and Scopes was on trial for teaching evolution in violation of the law. >Darrow would be > shooting himself in the foot. Bill Hamilton | Vehicle Systems Research GM NAO R&D Center | Warren, MI 48090-9055 | (313) 986 1474 ----------------------------------------------- If God is for us, *who* is against us? Romans 8:31 =================================================================== (Bill, you got the attributions wrong, I didn't write the included text) While Bill is essentially correct, there is some truth to what the other poster wrote. While the "Scopes" law forbade the teaching of evolution, the _only_ approved Biology text at the time the law was passed in Tennessee had an extensive section on evolution, but nothing on Creationism. The law also stated that teachers had to use the approved textbooks. In fact, the new book approved after the law was passed had an expanded section on evolution and a picture of Darwin on the frontpiece! Darrow attempted to bring this up at the trial, but the judge refused to admit it as evidence. This is one of many injustices committed during the trial, IMO. -- Seth J. Bradley, Senior System Administrator, Intel SSD-CT Internet: UUCP: uunet!!sbradley ----------------------------------------


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