+quot;Creation, on the other hand, is a scientific theory .+quot; Henry Morris, Remarkable

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"Creation, on the other hand, is a scientific theory ..." -- Henry Morris, _Remarkable Birth of Planet Earth_, p. iv Hey, while looking for my old copy of _The_Phantom_Tollbooth_, I found a copy of this book. The preface is by Morris and dated September 1972. Here are the first two paragraphs (italics are done *like this*): PREFACE This book has been written in order to give busy, but interested, readers a brief summary of both Biblical and scientific reasons for believing in creation instead of evolution. The origin and early history of the earth and man is a marvelous and fascinating story of God's great power and foresight, given by revelation in the Bible and now strikingly confirmed bymodern science. The theory of evolution has dominated our society, especially the schools, for almost a hundred years, and its influence is largly responsible for our present-day social, political, and moral problems. Many people today, including scientists, are again examining the creation-evolution question and often are amazed to find that evolution is merely an unreasonable theory containing many scientific fallacies. Creation, on the other hand, is a scientific theory which *does* fit all the *facts* of true science, as well as God's revelation in the Holy Scriptures. -------------------- To keep copyright watchers happy, I'll now review the book, making my excerpt without permission legal, as it's part of a review: It's the usual creationist nonsense. The back even advertises two editions of _Scientific_Creationism_, one "general" which includes biblical documentation, and one "public school edition" which omits the bible quotes(!) "Creationism isn't Christianity in disguise." Yeah, right. --- Merlyn LeRoy Did you notice that evolutionary biologists are "evolutionists" while Creationists are "creation scientists?" How funny!


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