Bruce Salem examines the +quot;Creationism+quot; opposition to education. The problem is t

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Bruce Salem examines the "Creationism" opposition to education. The problem is that the politics of organized oppostion to the teaching of evolution in school as an established scientific fact have forced people, who have what is essentially religious objections to evolution, to lie and say that they don't have such objections and that instead that they have a legitimate scientific alternative. The reason for this lie is that the state cannot be seen to support opinion which seems to favor one religion over another, and one which does not meet the proper criterion for what is science. The people in this group have replied to this underhanded tact of Creationists disguising religion as science by nailing everyone of them to the wall on the lack of basis for there so-called science. This doesn't stop Creationists and their sympathizers from comming on, as if sown from dragon's teeth. I think that this group needs to get past the Creationism vs. Evolutionism debate, and beyond religion vs. science. The ground rules which allow the Creationists to go on the offensive, and them get fed lunch, while their convictions are never really questioned, doesn't work. We should begin with the assertion that Creationism is based on religion, Christianity mostly, and decide what beliefs support this line of opinion, while at the same time why not all Christians arrive at the Creationist conclusion. We should put this information in the FAQ. We should find other threads of opposition to evolution and state them as philosophical assertions. And above all, we should explore the supposed consequences of evolution and its alternative and thereby arrive at what emotions force people into this debate. So to begin with: 1) Creationism is based on religion, ONLY. 2) The belief that nature connot organize itself into complex, irreversable states, without intelligent outsize help, is a common objection to evolution. 3) The teleology of the Genesis Creation requires lumping of events that science judges to be separated by vast expances of time. Yet justifying the moral message of this teleology compells some to ignore, or try to discredit, the science.


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