A CRITIQUE OF EVOLUTION I: BIBLIOGRAPHY (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creati

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A CRITIQUE OF EVOLUTION I: BIBLIOGRAPHY (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. The following books examine and critique the concept of evolution. The authors do not accept evolution as an explanation of origins, preferring instead the idea of creation ex nihilo. These books may generally be found in Christian occult bookstores, schools, and churches. Some secular colleges and universities do have these available. Ackerman, Paul D. It's a young world after all : exciting evidences for recent creation. Grand Rapids, Mich. : Baker Book House, 1986. Berman, Jerry. The criterion : religious discrimination in America. Richfield, Minn. : Onesimus Publishing, 1984. Bowden, Malcolm. Ape-men : fact or fallacy? 2nd ed. Kent, England : Sovereign Publications, 1981. Coppedge, James. Evolution, possible or impossible? : molecular biology and the laws of chance. Grand Rapids : Zondervan, 1973. Design and origins in astronomy. Edited by George Mulfinger. Norcross, Georgia : Creation Research Society Books, 1983. Geisler, Norman L. and J. Kerby Anderson. Origin science : a proposal for the creation-evolution controversy. Grand Rapids, Mich. : Baker Book House, 1987. Gentry, Robert V. Creation's tiny mystery. 2nd ed. Knoxville, TN. : Earth Science Associates, 1988. Gish, Duane T. Evolution : the challenge of the fossil record. (Rev. & expanded edition of "Evolution : the fossils say no!" 3rd ed., 1979) El Cajon, Master Books, 1985. Lester, Lane P. & Raymond G. Bohlin. The natural limits to biological change. Grand Rapids, Mich. : Zondervan, 1984. Marsh, Frank L. Variation and fixity in nature. Mountain View, Calif. : Pacific Press, 1976. Morris, Henry M. and Gary E. Parker. What is creation science? 2nd ed. El Cajon, Calif. : Master Books, 1987. Morris, Henry M. The Biblical basis of modern science. Grand Rapids, Michigan : Baker Book House, 1984. Proceedings of the first international conference on creationism : August 4-9, 1986. 2 vol. (Papers deal with the age of the earth.) Edited by Robert T. Walsh, Christopher L. Brooks, Richard S. Crowell. Pittsburgh, PA. : Creation Science Fellowship, 1987. Scientific creationism. Henry M. Morris, editor. 2nd ed. El Cajon, Calif. : Master Books, 1985. Sunderland, Luther D. Darwin's enigma : fossils and other problems. 4th ed. Santee, Calif. : Master Books, 1988. Thermodynamics and the development of order. Edited by Emmett L. Williams. Norcross, Ga. : Creation Research Society Books, 1981. Wilder-Smith, A.E. The natural sciences know nothing of evolution. San Diego, Calif. : Master Books, 1981. Wysong, Randy L. The Creation-evolution controversy. Midland, Mich. : Inquiry Press, 1976. 12/18/88


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