B.C. Comic Strip. (2/21/93) By Johnny Hart. Frame 1. [Redhaired guy is sitting on a rock o

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B.C. Comic Strip. (2/21/93) By Johnny Hart. --------------------------- Frame 1. [Red-haired guy is sitting on a rock on a beach with the ocean in the background. There are some clouds and birds in the sky. Blonde-haired guy is sitting on a slightly smaller rock, with his back turned to the red-haried guy.] Red-haired guy: I believe we were put here for a purpose. Blonde-haired guy: Nonsense... Frame 2. [Now the figures are represented as a silhouette. The figures have turned their heads towards each other. The sea is still visible in the background. The clouds and birds are absent.] Blonde-haired guy: We're here simply because we survived. Frame 3. [This is a close-up shot of the two men facing each other. Only their heads and a bit of their upper torsos are in the frame.] Red-haired guy: Survived what? Blonde-haired guy: Why, the `Big Swamp,' of course! Frame 4. [The red-haired guy is still sitting on his rock, with his head turned. The blonde-haired guy has stood up, and his arms are outstretched.] Red-haired guy: You think we came out of a swamp? Blonde-haired guy: Certainly! Look around you--nothin' but slimeballs! Frame 5. [The shot is zoomed in to the red-haired guy, who is sitting on his rock with a perplexed look on his face.] Red-haired guy: (he thinks to himself) Now that you mention it... Frame 6. [Again, the ocean is visible in the background. The red-haired guy has once again turned his head towards the blonde-haired guy, who is still standing. His arms have dropped to his side. Red-haired guy: Ok, how do you explain love? Blonde-haired guy: Give it up, kid-- if we aren't here to survive-- we wouldn't have survived to *BE* here! Frame 7. [The red-haired guy is turned towards us, the readers, but he is still sitting on the rock, feet dangling. The blonde-haired guy is strolling down the beach in the background.] Red-haired guy: Lousy logic is a lot more palatable if you sloganize it. End strip.


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