Conversation with a Creationist by Ranse Traxler There are just some things that are too m

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Conversation with a Creationist by Ranse Traxler There are just some things that are too memorable for a person to forget. A few years ago I had such an experience at one of the monthly meetings of the Missouri Association for Creation is St. Louis. Even though I consider myself something of a "wordsmith" (you should hear the words I can come up with when I hit my thumb while hammering), the following is something too "unusual" for me to have created. I swear it took place. The event would be memorable already because of something David Menton, President of MAC, Washington University professor, and Technical Advisor to the ICR [Institute for Creation Research], said in response to a question from the audience. When the topic of embryonic features was brought up, he replied, "Look! I'm a professor of anatomy at Washington University Medical School, and I assure you that at no time during development does a human embryo have anything remotely resembling a tail or gill slits!" During that meeting I noticed a young female who looked very out of place there; she had a Levis jacket loaded with pins, spiked hair, and all sorts of chains and medals around her neck. After the meeting I happened to meet her in the parking lot and we started to talk. She: "I came to the meeting tonight to learn more about evolution." I: "Would you want to learn more about God by asking the Devil? You should instead talk with a biologist at one of the local universities. You need to ask someone with a good science background to learn more about evolution." She: "Oh, I have a good science background. I'm a nursing major at [a local junior college]." I: "What do you know about evolution?" She: "Well, if evolution is true, then I ought to be able to walk down the street and see a dog turn into a cat." I: "That's not what evolution says. Evolution says that dogs and cats have a common ancestor. Let me give you an example: you and your cousin have a common ancestor, a grandmother, right?" She: "Yes, but she's not a monkey." I: "No one is saying your grandmother is a monkey. All I'm saying is that dogs and cats share a common ancestor just like you and your cousin share your grandmother as a common ancestor." She: "But she's not a monkey!" I: I'm not saying your grandmother is a monkey! What I'm saying is that to say, 'A dog will suddenly turn into a cat,' is like saying 'You will turn into your cousin overnight.' We both know that you will not turn into your cousin overnight even though both of you share a grandmother for a common ancestor, right?" She: "Yes, but she's not a monkey!" At that point I gave up, encouraged her to take a university biology course, said "Good night," got into my car, and drove home in a state of disbelief. -=-


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