Just because a theory isn't proven doesn't mean that it is incorrect. You tell me the flaw

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>Just because a theory isn't proven doesn't mean that >it is incorrect. You tell me the flaw in the theory of God creating the >universe that makes you not believe it. > >Bobby Mozumder Ok, here are several flaws. 1. The statement "God created the universe" presumes that there is some knowledge of God. To contrast, the statement "Julius Caesar created the universe" is meaningful because we have some knowledge of who Julius Ceasar was, sufficient to know that the statement is false. We have no such knowledge of who this "God" is. When pressed, the exchange is something like "God created the universe" -> "Who is God" -> "God is the creator of the universe", which is a circular definition. 2. The use of the word "created" is, at best, a very weak metaphor for an unknown process. We use the word "create" in the sense of "Mozart created the best opera of all time" or "Bobby creates high hilarity on alt.atheism". All of our direct experience with creation involves antecedent objects and processes in operation over time, and is intricately involved with our ideas of causality. We have no experience, and no way to describe, a process in which matter, energy, time, and the laws of their behavior arise out of nothing. 3. As has been pointed out to you before, saying "God created the universe" begs the question of "How did God get created". Postulating that some "being" who does not exist in the same way that every other being exists is, at best, unnecessary; and, at worst, an obstacle to real knowledge. So, the statement "God created the universe" says nothing meaningful, because the subject is meaningless, the predicate is meaningless, and it assumes other facts which are never explained. Now that you understand the flaws in the statement "God created the universe", I trust that you will never discuss it again on alt.atheism.


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