Here is a list of the academic and professional credentials for Henry Morris, Duane Gish,

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Here is a list of the academic and professional credentials for Henry Morris, Duane Gish, and Thomas Barnes. My source is the 1992- 1993 edition of "American Men and Women of Science". I doubt that they check the validity of degrees, positions, etc. However, I assume that the contents are accurate. I do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of any information presented here, I merely copy whatever was in the books. I have been familiar with this information for many years. I continue to be distressed by the fact that these people, with evident academic and professional capabilities, can make errors that are so obvious and trivial in nature. ===================================================================== Henry Madison Morris, Jr. ===================================================================== B.S. Rice Institute 1939 M.S. Univ of Minnesota 1948 Ph.D. Univ of Minnesota 1950 - Civil Engineering Honorary LLD Bob Jones University 1966 Honorary D.Litt. Liberty University 1989 Member State Hwy. Dept., Texas, 1938-1939 Jr Engr to Asst Engr, Int. Boundary Comm. 1939-1949 Instr, Civil Engineering, Rice Inst. 1942-1946 Instr to Asst. Prof. & Proj. Supv., St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Lab, Univ of Minnesota, 1946-1951 Prof of Civil Engr & head of dept, Southwestern La Inst 1951-1956 Prof Applied Science, Univ of Southern Illinois, 1957 Prof of Civil Engr & head of dept, Va Polytech. Inst. & State Univ., 1957-1970 V.P. Academic Affairs, Christian Heritage College, 1970-1978 Pres., Christian Heritage College 1970-1980 Pres., Inst. for Creation Research, 1980-present Fellow, AAAS Fellow, Am. Soc. Civil Engineers member AGU (American Geophysical Union) ===================================================================== ===================================================================== Duane Tolbert Gish ===================================================================== B.S. UCLA 1949 Ph.D. UC Berkeley 1953 - Biochemistry Lilly Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical College, Cornell Univ. 1953-1955 Asst Prof, Biochemistry, Cornell Univ., 1955-1956 Asst Res Assoc, biochemistry, Virus Lab, UC Berkeley, 1956-1960 Res Assoc, biochemistry, Upjohn Co., 1960-1971 V.P., Inst. for Creation Research, 1981-present Fellow, Am. Inst. Chemists member Am. Chem. Soc. ===================================================================== ===================================================================== Thomas Grogard Barnes ===================================================================== B.A. Hardin-Simmons Coll. 1933 M.S. Brown University 1936 Honorary Sc.D. Hardin-Simmons Univ. 1960 High school teacher, 1936-1938 (Texas) Instr, Math & Physics, Coll. Mines & Metall., UT El Paso, 1938-1943 Elec Engr, Div Phys War Res, Duke Univ., 1943-1945 Asst Prof to Prof, UT El Paso, 1945-1981 Visiting Fellow, Brown Univ., 1952-1953 Director, Schellinger Research Lab, UT El Paso, 1955-1965 Dean, Graduate School, Inst. for Creation Research, 1981-1983 Emeritus Prof., Physics, Univ of Texas, El Paso, 1981-present member, Am. Assoc. of Physics Teachers Fellow, Creation Research Society.


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