Rich Fox Creationists, especially the virulent +quot;scientific [sic]+quot; variety, are *

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Rich Fox Creationists, especially the virulent "scientific [sic]" variety, are *deathly* afraid of science, particularly historical disciplines. Here is the bottom line why. It has to do with soteriology. The majority Christian belief is, simply, salvation through Jesus "Christ." "Scientific [sic]" creationists take this one illogical step further. Salvation is available, but in addition you must believe word-for-word in a literal, inerrant Bible. Their "beliefs", of course, are interpretation, but they don't recognize that. The next step, as Mark notes, is generated by their terrible insecurity. They would feel certain of all this if eveyone subscribes to their dogma. Hence their immense efforts to infiltrate our school systems, etc. Complete consensus would somehow cause the natural facts of our universe to cease to exist. The demand for an inerrant Bible is rooted in a singular and great fear. If you can doubt one small portion of the Bible, then you can doubt it all. The Enlightenment dispensed with this argument, but then these are anachronistic soteriologists. My view of all this is that the "scientific [sic]" creationist is obsessed with his/her own salvation, and hence the matter is not of science but of selfishness. Anything that contradicts their view is evil, and this includes not only science but the rest of Christianity and any other religion. "Scientific" creationism is nothing more than religion from a narrow, selfish, intolerant, arrogant, pompous and *dangerous* perspective.


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