Seems to me that some time ago, a state legislature was convinced at how nice the world wo

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Seems to me that some time ago, a state legislature was convinced at how nice the world would be if pi were a rational number. Three being the obvious choice, a law was passed making it the legal value of pi. Needless to say, engineers, mathematicians, etc. ignored the decree and went on using the old value. Eventually the law was repealed. Why must legislators decide what is to be called "true" and what "false?" Alternatively, why must they insist that scientists do not know what they are talking about? Along the same vein, I read a recent article in the Atlantic criticizing the new US naval strategy. This strategy was thought up by experts in their field. The author of the article was the editor of the Atlantic. It became apparent that he knew little, if anything, of the reasons behind the strategy and reduced himself to belittling it in silly ways and with ad hominem arguments. Evolution is a theory. That does not mean it is of unknown truth. Creationists who insist on calling it a theory should examine the meaning of the word as used by scientists. The word in mathematics for a significant, proven statement is "Theorem." Sound similar? No coincidence. Calling something "Theoretical" means either 1) not practical (Evolution isn't going to change how we water plants) or 2) derived from a theory (an established body of facts.) In schools we do not teach that the earth is flat. Why? Scientists have proven that it is round. We don't teach that objects fall up when dropped. Why? Scientists have established the theory of gravity. It is often said that we should give equal credence to Evolution and Creation. "Let the students decide for themselves." How many of these same people wish to have Marxism and Western Capitalism discussed under equal terms? Most to whom I have spoken would only mention Marxism to emphasize that it is wrong. Cultural and "idea" relativism is an idea whose time is long gone. Michael I. Bushnell a/k/a Bach II hi!turing!


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