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Subject: Re: CREATIONIST INTRODUCE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT In article <12620@well.UUCP> pan@well.UUCP (Philip Nicholls) writes: }FROM: National Center for Science Education _REPORTS_ } Volume 9 No 3 May-June 1989 } }California Representative William E. Dannemeyer filed a "Community }Life" constitutional amendment in the Hourse of Representatives on }Jun 15, 1989. }Among the }decisions which have "effectuated this moral and ethical decline" is }the 1987 Edwards vs Aguillard creationist decision, which "held that }the theory of devine creation of the earth cound not be taught in }public schools on equal footing with the theory of evolution." } }The Community Life Amendment reads as follows: } }SECTION 2 For the purpose of section 1, the term "teachof }Judeo-Christian ethic" shall include the Ten Commandments, and the }creation of the earth as accepted in Judeo-Christian tradition. }The amendment has 34 co-sponsors, and will go first to the Judiciary }Committee's Subcommittee on Constitutional and Civil Rights. If it }is passed in the House and Senate, it will go to the States for }ratification, requiring 34 state legislatures to approve it. Call (301)224-3121 (U.S. House of Representatives) and voice your complaints. The only way a politician will do anything not self-serving is if he, she, or it gets the idea that it is its self-interest. I did. "For those who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they like." Abraham Lincoln ...............and not necessarily this, or any other, organization's! ....... - or - jwm@aplvax.uucp - or - meritt%aplvm.BITNET


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