To: Jon Strayer 931205 11:46:00 Subject: Chuck Colson JSRemember the offer of information

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From: Larry Sites To: Jon Strayer 93-12-05 11:46:00 Subject: Chuck Colson JS>Remember the offer of information "disprooving" evolution from Chuck C JS>few weeks ago? Did anyone receive the book yet? I got a solition of JS>but no information. I got it. I almost threw it out because it was almost lost in the solititions, a 20+ page 3x6 pamplet of mostly fluff. Here's some examples: "Evolution assumes that change in the living world is unlimited...The trouble is, all the changes we have actually observed are limited." "If scientists stick to actual observations, all they have ever seen is the modification of existing categories of living things, not the rise of new categories." I guess the fossil record doesn't count as an "actual" observation? It does have some humor. For example he refers to creationists "back then" teaching several things that have been disproven and then says, "The older form of creationism was informed by ancient Greek philosophy...But modern creationists are guided by Scripture." One prediction about creationism that will never fail, each new generation will claim to have the final correct interpertation. He repets the same tired old deceptions about dating, "The most common method of dating rocks uses radioactive decay. But the method doesn't always work." He then brings out the Hawaiian lava without bothering to note that scientists clearly understand the reasons for this anomality. He claims his source is _The Facts of Life: Shattering the Myth of Darwinism_ by an unnamed "science reporter". Then he launches into polystriate (sp?) fossils and concludes: "That dramatically collapses the standard time table." He paints evolution as anti-christian, "It's about an entire philosophy of life that is hostile to our Christian faith." It's "...not just a theory that tries to explain how fish grew legs...It serves as scientific justification for a philosophy that treats human beings as merely evolving organisms." It's "a total world view." He ends up trying to suggest that evolutionists see todays violent society as the pintacle of evolution and contrasts this with his interpertation that it is the result of Adams fall into sin and that the world was perfect before that. He concludes, "Christianity teaches that we are governed by a law higher than natural law. For we are not animals in a state of nature. We are sinners in the hands of a holy God." On the back page it describes his prision ministry as working "to promote biblical standards of justice in the criminal justice system". I wonder if that means stoning to death for what I am sure he would consider blastphmey on the part of evolutionists? At least he got the title right "Arguing with Evolution" that's all it is, an argument from religion, there is no scientific evidence in it. If you give me your mailing address and promise to mail it back, I will sent it to you and you can read it for yourself. Peace, Larry


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