+quot;Chesterton, Seer of Science+quot; Jaki, Stanley. Chesterton, Seer of Science. Stanle

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"Chesterton, Seer of Science" Jaki, Stanley. Chesterton, Seer of Science. Stanley Jaki's work in the history and philosophy of science often concerns issues of origins such as: relations of science and religion, the sufficiency of naturalism, or the importance of notions of creation for Western science. His newest book Chesterton, Seer of Science (Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1986, 164 pgs) is based on lectures given at Notre Dame in April 1983 and continues his work with some of these concerns. G. K. Chesterton was an early and penetrating critic of "scientism"--the philosophical position that all reliable knowledge is scientific--and evolution. This book is noteworthy for its humor and Jaki's unmistakable delight in Chesterton's wit and insight.


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