In article Matthew P Wiener, writes:

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Organization: evolv-o-tron, inc. From: Deaddog Message-ID: Newsgroups: In article <> Matthew P Wiener, writes: >The first predator was some boring bacteria. Feh. Staphylococcus: armed to the honking teeth. More hydrolytic enzymes per cubic angstrom than your average laundry detergent. Spewed in all directions, chews up your DNA, your RNA, your proteins, fats .... anything and everything it can get its enzymatic talons into. Brings down prey approximately one billion times its own size, and in the process blithely ignores the excruciating agony that it causes. Hunts in packs; carries rotating genetic armor; when food is scarce can go dormant and survive environmental conditions that would make mincemeat of any of these namby-pamby poofter cells with nuclei. Multicellular means never having to say you're a Lean, Mean Catalytic Death Machine. Non-woof


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