Subject: Re: Canopy Theory (Leslie Walker, please note) Date: 12 Nov 91 16:07:06 GMT In ar

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From: William H. Jefferys Subject: Re: Canopy Theory (Leslie Walker, please note) From: (William H. Jefferys) Date: 12 Nov 91 16:07:06 GMT Organization: McDonald Observatory, University of Texas @ Austin Message-ID: <61637@ut-emx.uucp> Newsgroups: In article <> writes: #I have some notes on the sl-called canopy theory which I will be glad #to forward to anyone interested. I will not post them, since that #would require finding out how to make this !@#$%^&*()_+ editor #include a file. You are welcome to post these notes if you think they're #worth discussing. At Bill Hamilton's request, I am posting his notes. PLEASE EVERYONE NOTICE: I DID NOT WRITE THIS AND AM POSTING THIS AS A COURTESY TO BILL. PLEASE DO NOT ATTRIBUTE THESE OPINIONS TO ME IN ANY RESPONSES YOU MAY MAKE TO THIS ARTICLE. Bill asked me to add these comments from him: --- When you post it, you might remark that I'm only furnishing it for information. I have some real problems with devising such elaborate models to try to establish the truth of scripture. We already know the scripture is true. When we can't square our understanding of scripture with our understanding of scientific evidence, we should be careful not to blame either scripture or science. Our understanding in both areas is incomplete. So the best policy is to just keep on reading the Bible and trusting God, and just keep on studying the evidence honestly. Bill [Hamilton] ---------------------------Forwarded Article Begins------------------- The canopy theory takes the part in Genesis where God separated the "waters under the earth" from the "waters above the earth" literally. It assumes that the waters above the earth were a canopy of water vapor which protected the earth from cosmic rays and made possible the long life spans of the pre-flood people. If you take the life spans of people before and after the flood, you find that they roughly follow a second order linear transition curve (e.g. solution to a differential equation like (in TeX notation) \ddot x + a \dot x + b x = f(t) where \ddot x means the second time derivative of x, \dot x means the first derivative and f(t) is a forcing function). This transition starts at the flood with people living around 900 years or so and ends some hundreds of years later with people living considerably shorter lives (I think the last data point that can be related to a time line derived from genealogies is Abraham at 136 years). I've made the plot myself, although I haven't identified the constants a and b. The canopy theory explanation for this is that a part of the flood water was supplied by the canopy condensing into rain. After the flood, most of the water from the canopy remained in the seas, leaving life on earth considerably less protected from cosmic rays. Evidently the genetic damage caused by the cosmic rays eventually resulted in a much shorter life span for men. John Wesley Patton's book, "The Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch" theorizes that the body which caused the flood was heavy enough to cause huge tides and was captured by the earth as a satellite for approximately a year. This body also had either a crust of ice or an atmosphere containing huge amounts of ice crystals. The ice ended up showering on earth, causing enough of a reduction in the temperature of earth's atmosphere to condense the water vapor. So Patton's model has the ice age coming immediately after the flood (I have no idea whether this squares with any known ice core data or not). Patton's book was originally printed in the 60's by Pacific Meridian. I don't know whether it's available now or not. Bill Hamilton GM Research Labs


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