dlecoint@garnet.acns.fsu.edu (Darius A. Lecointe) writes: Is there *anyone* who can *brief

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> dlecoint@garnet.acns.fsu.edu (Darius A. Lecointe) writes: >Is there *anyone* who can *briefly* state the theory of evolution? All organisms alive today are descended from organisms that lived in the remote past. All live today has undergone a process of descent with modification. All organisms today are descended from a common ancestor. Each of these statements are not theory. They are regarded as fact by biologists today. Still, when someone says "evolution" this is what is usually meant. The "theory of evolution" most widely accepted today is the NeoDarwian synthesis. This combines Darwin's original insights with genetics and population biology. According to this theory, evolution is a change in gene frequency over time in a population. When populations become isolated reproductively, gene frequency changes lead to divergence and ultimately to speciation. Speciation events produce a hierarchial connection between living organisms and their ancestral forms. This geneological hierarchy forms the basis for phylogeny and systematics. Is that brief enough? -- Philip Nicholls "To ask a question, Department of Anthropology you must first know SUNY Albany most of the answer." pn8886@thor.albany.edu


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