Tag: David Dixon The following is a reprint of a section of a book entittled +quot;The Phi

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Tag: David Dixon The following is a reprint of a section of a book entittled "The Philosophical Scientists". If the assertions are true, ( and they CAN be verified ) then they would seem to deliver a "Death blow" to the theory that God doesn't exist. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the 1930s there was a group of Cambridge scientists led by Sir Arthur Eddington who were comming to the view that " The stuff of the world is " Mind-Stuff ", because in plumbing the depths of physics they came to mathematics rather than " things ". In more recent times the biologists have revealed that organic life is programmed by the DNA, which is coded information and also " mind-stuff ". Investigating molecular biology the author found that the chief feature was "specificity " (improbability). He found, further, that the protein hemoglobin is specific to 10 to the 650th power, and that the DNA of the T4 phage is specific to 10 to the 78.000 power. Since such specificities could not possibly be developed by Natural Selection in a universe only 10 to the 18th seconds old, it followed that DARWIN WAS WRONG. What is being revealed is SUPERNATURAL SCIENCE which transcends rational laws of nature and leads to the conclusion that GOD EXISTS. But if GOD EXISTS, then how does he create the universe ? One of those Cambride philosophers, Sir James Jeans, had stated: " If the universe is a universe of thought, then its creation must be an act of thought. " The author suggests that the Void is God's mental space and that the universe is thought up into existence by the shaping of the Void. This could be validated by Einstein's matter-tensor, which gave the mathematics whereby substance ( mass-energy ) could be accounted for by pure non-Euclidean geometry, i.e., " the shaping of the Void ". So the outstanding question is whether cosmic intelligence, GOD, could shape the Void by thought. The author points to the exact analogy as to how we human beings think by imagination shaping our own mental space. It may also be significant that the Void ( the nineteenth-century " either " ) is the medium for the transmission of radiations such as light and radio, which are information mind-stuff. by David Foster, M.Sc., Ph.D. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As I understand the assertions, the mathematics of specificity decree that it is not possible for the protein hemoglobin, nor the DNA T4 phage, to have developed by accidental combination of molecules during the entire present age of the universe. In other words, there hasn't been enough time for such chemicals to evolve. They had to have been created outside the realm of random combinations. Insofar as I have always heard atheists proclaiming the triumph of science over religion, I have always felt that were science to support Religion, they would be far less likely to rush into it's embrace, and more likly to spend their time attempting to discredit Science for turning its back on them. I suspect we will soon have an answere to that eh ? In any case, an A-Theist, ( meaning Anti-Theist ) has an egotistical agenda. He seeks to tear down the beliefs of others in the misguided assumption that doing so will somehow result in an acknowledgement of his thoughtful superiority. In my own opinion the reality merely consists of the man on the mountain analogy. Everybody looks small to him, and he looks small to everybody. That the Athiest seeks self-agrandizement would seem easily demonstrateable by a comparison to an agnostic. An agnostic doubts the existance of God, but doesn't feel compelled to rub it in everyone's face. He goes about his buisness quietly, and leaves people to be content in their happy ignorance. Why then does the Anti-Theist persist ? What explanation can their be other than pettiness ? In any case, I would put the shoe on the Athiests foot, and Require Him, in light of the previously stated information, to Prove God Didn't create Hemoglobin, since the evidence seems to indicate that he did. I am David the fool


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