An Active God (was: Teaching macroevolution) (Seth L. Kroger) writes: but [creationists] e

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An Active God (was: Teaching macroevolution) (Seth L. Kroger) writes: >but [creationists] expect God to intervene. . . The belief that God takes an active role in the world, even to the point of performing miracles regularly, is very widespread. Apparently, people get a sense of power and hope by believing that they can call upon an omnipotent being to solve their problems. Unfortunately, such a belief often causes more trouble than it helps. I have heard many people say that they used to call upon God to fix the personal problems in their lives. With God to fix things, they of course had no reason to face their problems on their own. When their problems didn't go away and in fact got worse, their reaction was to become bitter towards God and think of Him as an enemy. Creationism requires belief in an active God, and Creationists apparently think that such a belief is spiritually beneficial. Ultimately, however, it leads its believers to spiritual bitterness and despair. -- Mark Isaak "There lives more faith in honest doubt, Believe me, than in half the creeds." - Tennyson


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