To: Ron Stringfellow Oct2993 18:09:24 Subject: Mammallike reptiles Ron Stringfellow, dream

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From: Marty Leipzig To: Ron Stringfellow Oct-29-93 18:09:24 Subject: Mammal-like reptiles Ron Stringfellow, dreaming of seeing the Great Karroo, said to Marty Leipzig: RS> Hello god marty, ML> Well, Ron, in the Therapsids there are animals that are ML> variously classified as "mammal-like reptiles" or RS> being classified as mammal like reptiles is not being RS> classified mammals. Ron the Obtuse, are you just ignoring the remainder of my rather extraordinarily descriptive post regarding the Therapsida and the modes and methods of taxonomy, or is it that you're just too dense to understand the message? I'll wager it's the latter. ML> all classes of vertebrates. To answer your next obvious ML> question, the vertebrates arose from the Tunicates (like ML> _Amphioxius_). Next... RS> Well??? Go on , I'm wanting to see where you slgh's ^^^^ ? Supremely logical godless humans. Fine, fine. RS> get life from RS> non-life... next... Well, Ron the Vacuous, for fear of you ignoring my response (or you being just too thick to follow a logical argument); here follows a brief exposition on the question of biopoesis (look it up, Ronzo, don't expect to be spoon fed on every question). Biopoesis, or the origination of life on Earth. As evidenced by abundant evidence, from the fossil record, geology and laboratory experiments (Urey and Miller, etc.), amino acids and nucleotide bases, the building blocks of proteins and nucleic acids, form by natural chemistry under a variety of simulated primordial Earth conditions. What has yet to be determined is the exact chemical processes by which these essential organic ingredients were developed into the first molecules capable of self-replication, AT WHICH POINT NATURAL SELECTION OR ORGANIC EVOLUTION COULD BEGIN. (So much for your objection to the fact that evolution says NOTHING WHATSOEVER about origins and your continual harping about origins and evolution.) The early atmosphere of the Earth was quite different than that today. It was enriched in nitrogen, water vapor, hydrogen and carbon dioxide (purely geological information here, Ronzo the Obtuse, read the rocks). There was no free oxygen, as oxygen was a by-product of early cellular respiration. Life cannot form today because it would be immediately destroyed by oxidation. Life is merely the product, derived from inorganic (non-life, as you so pejoratively put it) components, over the span of geologic time, of a step-by-step process, governed by the natural laws of chemistry, with no particular amino acid sequence required. The same holds true for nucleic acids. It did not have to be comprised of any particular nucleotide sequence, but only had to be SOME sequence, whose probability of arising over a period of millions of years is unity. There is a question of the mode of this assembly (believe it or else, Ronzo, science doesn't profess to have all the answers.... yet.) Theories include those built on protobiogenesis experiments carried out by Sid Fox at the U of Florida (proteinoid microspheres...want a few references to check this out?), Graham Cairns-Smith argues for clay mineralogy providing the template for self-replicating forms (want some references?), B. McKean argues that abiogenesis may have occurred near deep sea vents (want some...oh, never mind). Tom Cech and Sid Altman note that RNA (ribonucleic acid) can act as an enzyme, and as such was probably the link between prebiotic synthesis and the first living cells. All the evidence supports the view that the precursors of life arose quite naturally (no god or gods necessary), and that life's emergence, given millions of years and the whole Earth as a laboratory was a probable, if not inevitable, event. So, Ronzoid, what exactly is your problem in understand this? The same problem that causes you to selectively read only those messages that don't tax your single synapse? Thought so. ... As you follow life's highway, you're guided by a yellow streak. --- Blue Wave/Max v2.12 * Origin: A Little Corner in Time BBS (1:106/113.0)


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