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From : LARRY SITES To : ARTHUR BIELE RCVD Subj : TRANSITIONS, PART 8. ARTHUR BIELE to ALL on 09-19-94 00:25 re: TRANSITIONS, PART 8. AB>As can be seen from my posts, the fossil record, as detailed in the AB>evolutionary literature, provides substantial support for Creation AB>theory. AB> 3. The record shows that new biological designs typically make AB> abrupt appearances, Define "abrupt". AB>This is not at all what Evolution theory predicts. This is very AB>consistent and supportive of creation theory! Explain just exactly how the appearance of increasingly complex lifeforms over the course of MILLIONS of years is consistant with and supports the creation theory when the reference book for creation theory claims that ALL lifeforms were created in a mere 6 DAYS and by deduction this happened a mere few thousand years ago. AB>I offer the following as a conclusion. AB> "I feel that the hypotheses of common ancestry in systematics ha AB> not been merely boring, not just a lack of knowledge; I think i AB> has been positively anti-knowledge. ... AB> Well, What about evolution? It certainly has the function of AB> knowledge, but does it convey any? Well, we are back to the AB> question I have been putting to people, "Is there one thing you AB> can tell me about evolution?" The absence of answers seem to AB> suggest that it is true, evolution does not convey any AB> knowledge." Paleontologist Colin Patterson in a Speech given at AB> the Am. Museum of Natural History, Nov. 1981. AB> Patterson blame[s] evolution for the lack of AB>progress in Paleontology. BUNK! This IS the quote that Sunderland TOTALLY misrepresents! See my message to you titled with his name. If you were at the speech YOU would know that. Since, to my knowledge, this has NEVER been published outside creationist circles, it appears that you stold it from some creationist author. Who did you steal it from? Is it ok to steal and lie for your god? AB>In light of these 8 posts I've just posted, and that FAQ's such as Ms. AB>Hunt's are still widely circulated and believed by evolutionists AB>is evidence that Academia does suppress the spread of knowledge of the AB>scientific inadequacy of the materialistic, atheistic, naturalistic AB>evolution. BUNK! Your misrepresentation of out of context quotes is evidence of no such thing. But the fact that this misquote is still widely circulated by creationist organizations such as the ICR is evidence that the creation "theory" must rely on lies in an attempt to win out by appearing to tear down evolution. AB> OLX 1.52 You Shall Know Them by Their Fruits. When a religion bears lies and theft in promoting it's creation "theory" what kind of a religion will it be known as? Now that you know that this Patterson quote is a misrepresentation, you can no longer present it without being guilty of the sin of false witness. Are you willing to deliberatly lie for your lord? Do you think he will grant you eternal life for such efforts? What if he lied to you so that he could steal YOUR life?


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