Since the debate on education is heating up, here's a bibliography that some might find of

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Organization: Stanford Univ. Earth Sciences From: williams@pangea.Stanford.EDU (Tom Williams) Message-ID: <1tje1o$> Newsgroups: Since the debate on education is heating up, here's a bibliography that some might find of use. It's not meant to be biased, but since it was searched through conventional means, the creationist pub's are quite scarce. Bennetta, William J., 1986, Crusade of the credulous : a collection of articles about contemporary creationism and the effects of that movement on public education, California Academy of Science Press, San Francisco 35, [1]. Berra, Tim M., 1990, Evolution & the Myth of Creationism: a basic guide to the facts in the evolution "debate," Stanford, CA, Stanford University Press, 198 p. (Paperbound. ISBN:0-18- 154156-4) $8.95 Committee on Science and Creationism, National Academy of Sciences, 1984, Science and creationism : a view from the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C. : National Academy Press, 28 p. Ecker, Ronald L., 1990, Dictionary of science & creationism / Ronald L. Ecker ; foreword by Martin Gardner, Buffalo, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 263 p. Eldredge, Niles, 1982, Monkey Business : Scientist Looks at Creationism, Simon and Schuster, New York, 157 p. (Paperbound. ISBN:0-671-53141-7) $3.95 Francis B. Harrold and Raymond A. Eve., eds., Cult Archeology and Creationism:understanding pseudoscientific beliefs about the past , University of Iowa Press, 1987. (Hardback. ISBN:0- 87745-176-1) 163 p. $21.95 Gilkey, Langdon Brown, 1985, Creationism on trial : evolution and God at Little Rock, Minneapolis, Minn. : Winston Press, 301 p. NOTES: "This volume represents an account ... 'theological' witness for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) at the 'creation' trial in Little Rock, Arkansas, December 7-9, 1981"--Pref. Godfrey, Laurie R. , 1983, Scientists Confront Creationism, Norton, W. W. & Company Inc. (Paperbound. ISBN:0-393-30154-0) 324 p. $10.95 Hoyle, Fred, Sir, 1981, Evolution from space : a theory of cosmic creationism, New York : Simon and Schuster, 176 p. Institute for Creation Research., 1974, Scientific creationism / prepared by the technical staff and consultants of the Institute for Creation Research ; edited by Henry M. Morris., San Diego, Calif. : Creation-Life Publishers, 217 p. Kitcher, Philip, 1982, Abusing Science: Case Against Creationism, MIT Press.Cambridge, Mass., (Paperbound. ISBN:0-262-61037-X), 213 p. $9.95 Marcel C. La Follette., ed., 1983, Creationism, science, and the law : the Arkansas case / edited by, Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press, 1983., 236 p. "Many of the essays and documents in this volume were originallypublished in the Tenth Anniversary Issue (Summer 1982) of Science,Technology & Human Values."-- Acknowledgments. Montagu, Ashley, ed., 1984, Science and Creationism, Oxford University Press, New York (Paperbound. ISBN:0-19-503253-5) 415 p. $16.95 Young, Willard A., 1985, Fallacies of creationism, Calgary, Alta. : Detselig Enterprises, 302 p. Zetterberg, J. Peter, , ed., 1983, Evolution versus creationism : the public education controversy, Phoenix, AZ : Oryx Press, 516 p. -- Tom Williams Department of Geology Stanford University School of Earth Sciences


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