ARKathon II and ARK EXPO January 29,30 and 31, 1993 Monarch Motor Hotel Portland, Oregon N

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ARK-athon II and ARK EXPO January 29,30 and 31, 1993 Monarch Motor Hotel Portland, Oregon Noah's Ark Did it exist? Does it still exist? Tantalizing stories that the Ark hides in the ice cap of Mt. Ararat have triggered intense research tracing down sources and adveturious expeditions on the mountains dangerious slopes. People from all across the world are involved. Ark-athon II is but only the second time that many of these people will have met together to share their research and expierences. The story of Noah's Ark and the Flood has been one of the most ridiculed part of Genesis. Proof positive that Genesis (and so the Bible) is just a collection of myths. All Biblical doctrine have their roots in Genesis, and if Genesis has no credulity; then Christianity has no basis. But if Noah's Ark is located and it's identity substantiated by scientific studies, mady people may find that they need to rethink their position about the claims of the Bible. Everyone with an interest in Noah's Ark is invited to come rub shoulders with veteran searchers such as: Ahmet Arslan: Ararat native, he knows Ararat better than anyone, Voice of America broadcaster, and has extensive Ararat portfolio. Dr. John Morris: Ararat expeditions leader, author of several books about Noah's Ark and Professor at ICR Graduate School. Dr. Don Shockey: Expedition leader and has spent more helicopter hours around Ararat than any other searcher. Rev. Walter Lange: Creationist lecturer, editor of Ark Today published by the Genesis Institute he organized, and developer of the Bible Science association. Dr. John Baumgartner: Scientist at the Los Alamose National Laboratory in New Mexico, Has doen extensive research on the Durupinar anomaly. Bill Crouse: Editor of Ararat Report, chairman of Christain Information Ministries, International, and climbed Ararat several times. Charles Willis M.D.: Expedition leader for many years, now has evidence that Noah's Ark may be on another mountain. Rev. Eddie Atkinson: Will display scale models of Noah's Ark. The models contain figures of people, animals and supplies. Watch them on the comming CBS Special "The Incredible Discovery of Noah's Ark". Then, come listen to them personally and ask your questions. Be sure to bring your video camera! Program Friday, january 29, 1993 Evening arrive and check in 7:00 pm Devotional 7:30 pm Welcome Reception Saturday, January 30, 1993 8:30 am Devotional 9:00 am Sessions/s 10:15 am Break 10:45 am Session/s 12:00 noon Lunch break 1:00 pm Ark Expo begins 3:00 pm session/s 4:00 pm Break 4:30 pm Session/s 5:30 pm Free time 7:00 pm Banquet 8:30 pm Symposium-open forum Sunday, January 31, 1993 8:30 am Devotional 9:00 am Session/s 10:00 am Free Time/Ark Expo 11:00 am Brunch Buffett 4:00 pm Ark expo ends Afternoon Check out. Entrance Fees: Ark-Expo (Saturday or Sunday) Per person $4.00 per family 10.00 Lecture Sessions: $30.00 includes: Entrance to lecutre sessions on Saturday and Sunday, And Ark Expo. Reduced rate if bought before November 30, 1992 $20.00 ($10.00 nonrefundable) Special Meals: $40.00 includes: Friday evening Welcome reception. Saturday night banquet and symposium Sunday Brunch and gratuities. ARK-athon Package: includes: 2 nights accomodaions at the Monarch Motor Hotel, taxes, Ark Expo Lecture Sessions, Reception, Banquet and Brunch, Transportation to and from Portland International Airport, Children free 1 bed, single $185.00 1 bed, double 215.00 2 beds, per person- 130.00 double occupancy ARK EXPO On display for the general public will be items of interest having to do with Noah's Ark, Mount Ararat, and the search for the Ark and those involved. There will be models of the Ark, books and videos for sale and other interesting sights. For more information write to: Ark-athon II 7921 SE 92nd Ave #29 Portland, OR 97266 or call: 503 777-8347


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