So the answers to the earlier questions are that both Jammal and LeRue are liars. Morris i

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From: (James J. Lippard) > So the answers to the earlier questions are that both Jammal > and LeRue are liars. Morris is just naive enough to have > believed Jammal, because Jammal has been at it for so long > (after all, keeping a hoax going from 1986 to 1993 is a lot > for a person to do, since Jammal has not previously retracted > his 1986 story). This is all predicated on the posted > information being correct. I have spoken with LaRue about this, and expect to talk to Jammal today or tomorrow. I don't believe that LaRue has lied, though Jammal has definitely done so. Jammal first decided to hoax his visit to Noah's Ark some time after seeing Sun Pictures' film from the mid-1970's on Noah's Ark, and wrote a letter to the Institute for Creation Research making his claim. This led to the 1986 interview with John Morris of the ICR, but apparently nothing more came of it until Sun began planning the recent TV show. Morris gave Sun Jammal's name, and he was asked to be on the show. By this time, Jammal had met LaRue, and they had been acquainted for several years. Jammal contacted LaRue for assistance in preparing for his interview with Sun. LaRue didn't instigate Jammal's hoax, but he did help him prepare for Sun's TV show. LaRue was instrumental in the exposure of the hoax, but Jammal was careful to avoid saying anything on the record to reveal it, and has continued to tell the creationists that he had nothing to do with the exposure--which is not true. I have no idea why he has done this. LaRue and Jammal taped a show last Saturday for Los Angeles public access cable, for a show produced by the organization Atheists United. It is my understanding that Jammal came clean in that interview and will also do so at the FFRF convention. Sun Pictures has released a six-page response to the _Time_ magazine story which defends Jammal as an authentic Ark discoverer. John Morris' ICR response draws heavily from that response. Their defense is based on only the following: (a) that LaRue is affiliated with humanist and anti-Christian [sic] causes, (b) that Jammal has told them he has not recanted, and (c) a Christian psychologist who has reviewed tapes of Jammal thinks that he's telling the truth. They did essentially nothing to verify any of Jammal's claims. Jim Lippard Lippard@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU Dept. of Philosophy Lippard@ARIZVMS.BITNET University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721


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