Date: 06 Apr 94 01:58:48 To: All Subject: HA! Re: Archaebacteria and the Three Kingdoms On

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Date: 06 Apr 94 01:58:48 From: L. Drew Davis To: All Subject: HA! Re: Archaebacteria and the Three Kingdoms From: (L. Drew Davis) Organization: Georgia Tech College of Computing Once upon a time, there was a little group of cells called "Archaebacteria". Her friends all called her "Archie", and everyone thought that was funny since "Archie" is a boy's name. One day, Archie was walking through the woods and came upon a cottage. As a scientific curiosity, Archie was naturally curious, so she went inside to look around, but no one was home. Archie was hungry, and there was a table with three big bowls of GroEL, so Archie sat down to eat. The first bowl of GroEL had too much diphthamide. The second bowl of GroEL didn't have enough functional homology with TCP1, so she was slow to start eating it. Besides, there were no datagraham crackers to go with the GroEL. The third bowl of GroEL was just right, and she ate it all up. After eating, Archie was tired, so she tried to go to sleep. The first bed, Animalia, was too complex to get into. The second was the right size, but had blue-green linens everywhere, and Archie didn't like that color. So she made her own bed off in a corner, and slept happily. Until the big mean Moran came roaring in and shouted, "Who's been sequencing my GroEL? Who's been sleeping in my bed (oh, wait, she didn't sleep there)?", and would have eaten her all up except for the brave Stedman who came rushing in from the forest and saved her, and they all lived happily ever after. [Sorry, folks. I hate to make fun of the most content-laden thread in t.o in quite a while, but I just can't read that title without giggling. Maybe one day I'll understand the argument. Sometime after that, I might even be able to contribute something substantive. Luckily, bionet has been spared the lese majeste.] -------------- L. Drew Davis Internet: uucp: ...!{decvax,hplabs,ncar,purdue,rutgers}!gatech!prism!gt5645c You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment.


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