Check this out. Here is the verbatim text of a letter to the editor in today's (Sat. Nov.

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Check this out. Here is the verbatim text of a letter to the editor in today's (Sat. Nov. 6) Commercial Appeal: To The Commerical Appeal: The overhaul of science education in the United States by a national commission (The Commerical Appeal, Oct. 25) is a worthy project. But will it fill the yawning gap created by the refusal of humanistic science to recognize the hand of God? Most people in this country believe God exists. And if He does, it is unthinkable that He has left _no_ evidence of his presence in the natural world. Why should the godless philosophy of humanism be allowed to dominate our educational system and attempt to explain everything without Him? Humanism without God cannot explain how the planets got into their orbits around the sun. The sun is 98 percent hydrogen and could have done nothing but belch gas, not the solid planet we live on. And the sun lacks the residual spin it should now have even if it could have thrown off its necklace of worlds. There is quite simply no mathematical or physical explanation for the exquisitely balanced orbit of the moon around the Earth without God. The Big Bang theory of how the universe began is in serious disrepair, and there is nothing waiting in the wings to replace it. Nor can the crippled philosophy of humanism explain the development of life on earth by a string of trillions of lucky accidents. Humanism without God cannot provied the vigorous morality which is absolutely necessary if our society is to survive... Will the national commission put God back into science education where He belongs? BILL CARRELL Memphis Comments? Questions? Feel free to write to the Commercial Appeal and respond (in fact, PLEASE do) or you may call Mr. Carrell at home: 372-8089. Be sure and tell him what you think of his letter!


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