The +quot;Anthrophic Argument+quot; is a special case of the +quot;Design Argument+quot; (

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From: Marty Leipzig 20 Aug 94 04:23 The "Anthrophic Argument" is a special case of the "Design Argument" (See: Hume, 1835), entwined with the "Argument from Ignorance" and "the Argument from Incredible Hubris and Egocentricity". Basically, it states that the Universe is constructed "Just So" for the evolution (small pun, there) and existence of humanity. Typical rejoinders such as "If the magnetic moment was 1 gauss off, life could not exist!" or "If the level of Oxygen and Nitrogen in the atmosphere was different by 1%, life could not exist!". Or, "If the planet Earth was not a rather lumpy oblate spheroid and did not have an inclined, elliptical orbit, life could not exist!" And so on and so on... I'm sure the Hoovooloo find this all very amusing (see: Adams, D., 1987, et al). You see, the "Anthropic Argument" proceeds from a false assumption (that the Universe was "created" just so Terran life could exist (especially that "paramount" of Terran life: _Man the "wise"_)). In such extreme hubris, these clingers to the Anthropic principle see the cosmos as created to only yield Earthly Man; as Earthly Man is presupposedly the pinnacle of universal "creation". But, in reality, if these various geological, cosmological and ontogenetic constants had indeed differed, the same creatures generated by _that_ other set of physical constants would perhaps be arguing this very same argument. Indeed, _Homo sapiens_ might only be a hallucination seen by adventurers into the photic zone who actually sampled that metabolic poison "Oxygen". Rewind the tape of Earth history, and the 4.5 BY finalŠ most certainly would not be _Homo sapiens_. Now, extrapolate that to the billions of planets orbiting the trillions of suns in the quadrillions of galaxies. Anthropic, indeed. Finally, a couple of distant rejoinders: 1. "God made rabbits with white tails to be easier to shoot by man." 2. "A man's nose is in exactly the correct place for it to support spectacles to correct deficient vision." 3. "The sun rise at precisely the moment day begins". 4. " Whether we are short or tall, our feet precisely touch the ground." All proof of God's infinite wisdom and His role in the creation of the cosmos.


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