Subject: Creationist Anagrams Subject: creationistrelated anagrams Date: 14 Apr 1994 01:17

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Subject: Creationist Anagrams From: (James J. Lippard) Newsgroups: alt.anagrams, Subject: creationist-related anagrams Date: 14 Apr 1994 01:17 MST Organization: University of Arizona Message-ID: <> creationism corniest aim monastic ire I'm satire, con satiric omen anemic riots ironic steam masonic rite meat incisor atomic resin cinema riots man is erotic remain stoic aim: censor it Institute for Creation Research fiercest authentication errors Duane Gish anguished had genius hung aside hand guise hindu sage hind usage using head he is a dung Henry Morris error is hymn merry rhinos Jim Lippard Lippard@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU Dept. of Philosophy Lippard@ARIZVMS.BITNET University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721


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