To: Ron Stringfellow Msg #133, 08Mar93 08:48am Subject: Monkeys RS We're not the ones tryi

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From: Simon Ewins To: Ron Stringfellow Msg #133, 08-Mar-93 08:48am Subject: Monkeys RS> We're not the ones trying to make monkeys of men. No one is, the overwhelming evidence merely indicates that apes and humans shared the same ancestor at some point. The following quote from Douglas J. Futuyma is of much interest. I have also checked a couple of papers by the individuals mentioned in his quote and it is well substantiated. Reports of similar findings have been made by others as well. "The similarities between ape and human proteins are extraordinary. For example, hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein in the blood, contains 287 amino acids in an identical sequence in chimpanzees and humans. Compare this to the differences between two different species of frogs, whose hemoglobin differs in 29 amino acids. Out of the 153 amino acids in myoglobin, a muscle protein, humans and chimpanzees differ in only one. Mary-Claire King and Allan Wilson, biochemists at the University of California at Berkeley, estimate from an analysis of 12 different kinds of proteins that chimps and humans differ on average at only 7 out of 1,000 amino acids. The evidence from proteins and from direct analysis of DNA indicates that humans and apes are more genetically similar to each other than certain species of fruit flies or rodents that are _identical_ in external appearance. Apes and humans are so similar that Allan Wilson and his colleague Vincent Sarich have suggested that the human lineage branched off from the gorilla-chimpanzee line only about 4 to 5 million years ago, and not the fifteen or so million years previously estimated on the basis of the very inadequate fossil record." [His emphasis on the word _identical_ (italicized).] I leave you to do your own further research.


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