To: All 940603 23:%:02 Subject: Allegro non Tropo For anyone who's interested, you might l

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From: Sue Armstrong To: All 94-06-03 23:%:02 Subject: Allegro non Tropo For anyone who's interested, you might like an entertaining little Italian version of Disney's "Fantasia" called Allegro non Tropo .. Most of the animated segments are mediocre at best, but there is one that I think most people around here would enjoy .. It's done to the tune of "Bolero", and sort of lays out evolutionary history in a simplistic, fanciful (but highly entertaining) manner .. it's got life starting from the scum at the bottom of a Coke bottle that some aliens carelessly discard .. :) The scum evolves enough to leave its bottle, and manages to diversify gradually into countless weird and wonderful creatures of all sorts, all of whom are shown walking in a line towards nowhere in particular, the individuals changing and sometimes dying off as they go .. About halfway through a chimp shows up and starts causing all sorts of trouble, at least until he picks up a stick that caught on fire from lightning .. after which he sets a little animal on fire, gets excited, and runs off on his own, away from the marching line of beasties .. who eventually march past pyramids, and a HUGE cross (which they pause at, in a properly reverential manner - this movie _is_ from Catholic Italy) .. But that's all I'll give away. The ending should be experienced for oneself :) There's very little about evolution in entertainment, but I think this deserves some attention .. I think everyone here (including Bob and Kyle) would enjoy it. I think you can get a dubbed English version of it, but it's enjoyable even in Italian, and anyway, the animated segments are all done to classical music anyway, with no talking. The only problem is, now whenever I hear that tune, this is what I think of .. which, I suppose, is better than thinking of Brooke Shields. (yuk). :) ... Give a monkey a brain and he'll swear he's the center of the universe. --- GEcho 1.00 * Origin: The Voice of Windsor BBS (519)969-0747 (1:246/36)


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