+quot;Science and Creationism,+quot; the chapter +quot;Repealing the Enlightenment+quot; C

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"Science and Creationism," the chapter "Repealing the Enlightenment" Coffin said some amazing things. Quoting from the same book, pp. 292-3, the court transcript said (Ennis was on the prosecution): Ennis: You have had only two articles in standard scientific journals since getting your Ph.D. in 1955, haven't you? Coffin: That's correct. Ennis: The Burgess Shale is said to be 500 million years old, but you think it is only 5,000 years old, don't you? Coffin: Yes. Ennis: You say that because of information from the Scriptures, don't you? Coffin: Correct. Ennis: If you didn't have the Bible you could believe the age of Earth to be many millions of years, couldn't you? Coffin: Yes, without the Bible Ennis: Creation science is not falsifiable, is it? Coffin: No, it is in the same category as evolution science. Ennis: No further questions.


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