American Evolution Teacher Once upon a time, creationists were able to publish articles ex

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American Evolution Teacher Once upon a time, creationists were able to publish articles explaining their position in The American Biology Teacher (see, e.g., "Evolution and the Scientific Method" by John Moore, ABT, 35: 23, 1973). Sadly, those days are long gone, but that doesn't mean that creation/evolution topics have disappeared from the pages of ABT. In fact, hardly an issue is published without at least one article on the subject (from the evolutionary perspective). Here is a sample from just the first three months of 1987: Callaghan, Catherine A. "Instances of Observed Speciation" ABT, 49 (1): 34-35, January 1987. (Callaghan writes, "I have cited several instances of observed speciation...They should also silence at least one common creationists argument against evolution.") [ We don't have much question about speciation, actually, and agree with Callaghan that good evidence exists for the phenomenon. We doubt, however, that speciation alone is sufficient for macroevolution. Ed.] [( It is. D.R.)] Hopson, James A. "The Mammal-like Reptiles" ABT, 49 (1): 16-26, January 1987. (Hopson, an anatomist at the University of Chicago, writes, "...I conclude that the set of relationships set out in [this article] is strongly corroborated in its essentials, and that the mammal-like reptiles are demonstrated to be the morphologically transitional forms that evolutionists claim them to be" (p. 24).) Johnson, Ronald L. and E.E. Peeples. "The Role of Scientific Understanding in College: Student Acceptance of Evolution" ABT, 49 (2): 93-98, February 1987. (Johnson and Peeples, both at the Univ. of Northern Colorado, surveyed undergraduates in the West North Central states and concluded that college students "have a low understanding of science." Surprised?) Woodward, Arthur and David L. Elliott . "Evolution and Creationism in High School Textbooks" ABT , 49 (3): 164-170, March 1987. Nickels, Martin D. "Human Evolution: A Challenge for Biology Teachers" ABT , 49 (3); 143-148, March 1987. Is it too much to hope that the editors of ABT would ever allow creationist back into the journal? We wonder... --------------------------------------------------------------- Is it too much to hope that creationists would ever produce evidence for their occultism? We wonder. . . .


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