Henling, Lawrence M. May-20-93 07:08PM Vista Creationists launch attack on science The LA

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Henling, Lawrence M. May-20-93 07:08PM Vista Creationists launch attack on science Organization: California Institute of Technology From: lmh@celia.caltech.edu (Henling, Lawrence M.) Message-ID: <20MAY199320084813@celia.caltech.edu> Newsgroups: talk.origins The LA Times of Thursday May 20 has an update on the Creationist dominated school board in Vista, a 76,000 population residential city 45 miles north of San Diego. Last November, three Creationists were elected to the 5 person board which also has one incumbent Creationist. An January, the board promised not to push a pro-Creationist slant to teaching. (Many conservatives also realize that this will lead to expensive lawsuits.) After the January meeting, new member John Tyndall tried to include "Of Pandas and People" [author ?] in the science curriculum. A teachers group voted unamimously against this book, which is pro-Creationist (ie, anti-evolution). Now the school board is considering a Policy No. 6019 which would forbid teaching science "dogmatically" and support teaching "weaknesses that substantially challenge theories in evolution", [whatever that means]. [Evolution is a fact; evolutionary theory describes the fact of evolution.] Board president Deirdre Holliday claims that adding Creationism does not break her vow in January of making no radical changes in science teaching. She also adds "We're trying to accomodate everyone, without shutting anyone out, and I defy our opponents to make the same claim" and "I do know that a lot of people are getting really worked up over everything, and that's absurd". The ACLU will attend tonight's meeting. Saddest comment from Marilyn Cook, 47, whose three children have graduated from Vista schools, (Creationists) "have a valid point. ... To leave it out for fear of trying to create Christians in schools is ridiculous. It's no better than saying we're creating atheists by teaching evolution." larry henling lmh@shakes.caltech.edu [Why didn't Vickers save me the bother of typing this?]


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