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************************************************************ HUMAN EVOLUTIONARY RESEARCH (HUMEVO@GWUVM) An Electronic Publication of the International Institute for Human Evolutionary Research George Washington University, Washington, DC Vol. 3, No. 2 October 6, 1993 Editor: Noel T. Boaz (BOAZ@GWUVM) ************************************************************ HUMEVO starts the new academic year with 277 subscribers from 33 countries. How about some news of our colleagues in such places as Norway, Saudi Arabia, Hongkong, and Venezuela? BULLETIN BOARD **International Conference on Human Paleoecology** 13-15 October, 1993. Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Jakarta, Indonesia. Keynote address by Dr. Teuku Jacob, sessions for volunteered papers, and field excursions to the classic sites of Trinil and Sangiran. Contact: Secretariat, ICHP, Bureau for Scientific Cooperation, LIPI, P.O. Box 1250, Jakarta, Indonesia. FAX (021) 5207226 **4th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology** 31 July - 4 August, 1994. Chicago, Illinois, USA. Deadline for abstracts 1 December, 1993. Sessions on teeth, evolution of neural systems, design of musculoskeletal systems, and more. Contact: Susan Herring (herring@u.washington.edu. **Position Available** University of Florida invites applications for a full-time tenure-track position in biological anthropology to start August 1994. The rank is open. Specialities desired are either 1) paleoanthropology, or 2) biomedical anthropology. Contact: Leslie Sue Lieberman, Chair of the Search Committee, Dept. Anthropology, UF, 1350 TUR, Gainesville, FL 32611, Tel. 904-392-4628, FAX 904-392-6929. COOPERATION COLUMN The Canadian Student Journal of Anthropology, NEXUS, invites student anthropologists to submit papers in any area of anthropology. Submissions may be reviews of current issues in anthropology, presentation of original research, or book reveiws. Contact: Review Editor NEXUS, Dept. Anthropology, McMaster University, 1280 Main St. W., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8S 4L9. NEW BOOKS OUT THIS MONTH The Nariokotome Homo erectus Skeleton, by Alan C. Walker and R.E.F. Leakey (Eds.), Harvard University Press. The definitive description of this almost complete early hominid skeleton from West Turkana, Kenya. Contact: lisapem@harvarda.harvard.edu for more information. Forensic Analysis of the Skull: Craniofacial Analysis, Reconstruction and Identification, by M. Yasar Iscan and R. Helmer (Eds.), New York: John Wiley and Sons. Technical articles on facial reconstruction, skull-photo superimposition, and photographic comparison. For more information contact iscan@acc.fau.edu. RESEARCH: Evolutionary Medicine A recent article by Margie Profet in the Quarterly Review of Biology suggested that human menstrual bleeding was an evolutionary adaptation to preventing sperm-borne microbes infecting the uterus. Newsweek last week reviewed the idea and quoted Beverley Strassman of Michigan who pointed out that over most of human evolutionary history women were not menstruating very often, because they were either pregnant or breast-feeding. John Moran of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta pointed out that sperm are not known to be a major vector in spreading disease. George Williams, one of the co-authors of the recent influential article on "Darwinian Medicine" in QRB, however, is convinced by Profet's argument, adding only that menstruation may have an additional function of signaling fertility. Although Profet's hypothesis may not be compelling to all researchers it does focus attention on an aspect of human physiology that is poorly understood in evolutionary terms. Comments are welcome.


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