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(REALL Letterhead) David Bloomberg P.O. Box 20302 Springfield, IL 62708 (XXX) XXX-XXXX August 26, 1993 Voice of the People Chicago Tribune 435 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611 To the Editor: I'd like to congratulate George de Lama on the good research he did for his August 25 story, "Creationism gets toehold in class." I think he did an especially good job in pointing out the creationist backgrounds of several Vista school board members and proponents of the proposition. There are a few points that I think need a little more detail. Many proponents of teaching creationism as an "alternative theory to evolution" claim that they just want their ideas to be heard, so the students can examine both sides. However, their ideas are not new; they have been heard, and rejected, by scientists. There is good reason for the rejection of creationism as "science" -- the evidence simply does not validate it. Another of the major problems with creationism is that, while it claims to be science, creationists don't use the scientific method. In science, evidence is gathered, and theory is formed based upon that evidence. In creationism, the Bible provides the "theory" and proponents search for evidence to support their predetermined conclusion, often ignoring anything contradictory. The Supreme Court was quite correct in 1987 when they ruled that creationism is religion, not science. /s/ David Bloomberg David Bloomberg, Chairman Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land


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