All files in this archive are copyright (c) 1992 by John G. Brawley. The three .GIF files

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All files in this archive are copyright (c) 1992 by John G. Brawley. The three .GIF files were created with DTP256, a shareware graphics program. They contain the misidentification problem, graphically illustrated. A copy of Dr. (hon.) Robert V. Gentry's "Creation's Tiny Mystery" is recommended as starting point for study of radiohalos. While his conclusions are scientifically premature, and actually not scientific at all, his observational and experimental technique is impeccable. From there, the only decent way to proceed is as I have done: go get some samples and a microscope. The letter/report was intended primarily for Richard Wakefield of Canada, and is a preliminary, much condensed report on my work to date. It was mailed to him on 12/23/92. Anyone interested in samples, comments, or further information should contact me if they wish: John Brawley P.O. box 224, Eureka, MO, 63025-0224 FIDOnet NETmail to 1:100/435, Origins Talk BBS, (314) 821-1078. Direct electronic messages to my own small communications system, The QUANTUM SWORD cbcs, (314) 938-5285, 12/2400 bps, 8,N,1. This is "sharepublishing." Any contribution would be welcome. This work is incomplete, and is at a standstill due to lack of funding. Anyone aware of a potential funding agency interested in the refutation of "creation science" hypotheses should (_please!_) advise me of that source of funds. Thank you for downloading and reading. John Brawley, Eureka, December 1992.


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