It has been six months since the last posting; here is the updated list of Creation/Evolut

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It has been six months since the last posting; here is the updated list of Creation/Evolution periodicals (please mail any additions or corrections to me so that they can be included in the next list). 1. _NCSE Reports_ ($10/year, 6 issues per year, ~24 pp.) NCSE / P.O. Box 9477 / Berkeley, CA 94709-0477 Newsletter of the National Center for Science Education (formerly titled _Creation/Evolution Newsletter_). Reports on debates, legal actions, creationist activities. Their book ordering service sells many excellent publications, and tapes of debates and lectures. Membership is $15 per year. "Joint" membership is $22 per year and includes _Creation/Evolution Journal_ (see below). Back issues are available at $15 per volume (year). Current issue is Volume 10, number 3. Members get a book discount of 20%. Absolutely required for anyone interested in keeping tabs on the creationists, or looking for a good source of books. 2. _Creation/Evolution Journal_ ($12/year, 4 issues per year, ~50 pp.) 7 Harwood Drive / P.O. Box 146 / Amherst, NY 14226-0146 Journal published by the American Humanist Association. Mostly scholarly articles, occasional exchanges between a creationist and an evolutionist. Some issues devoted to single topics (e.g. Noah's Ark, the Paluxy River footprints, etc.) There is no membership. Back issues are available at $3 each, or I-XXV for $50. Current issue is XXVI. Publishing has been somewhat sporadic of late. The NCSE will be helping to get the Journal back on track in that regard. Very highly recommended for anyone interested in debating creationists, or reading rebuttals to common creationist arguments. 3. _Acts & Facts_ & _Impact_ (FREE, 12 issues per year, ~16 pp.) ICR / P.O. Box 2667 / El Cajon, CA 92021 The monthly voice of the ICR - the most famous Creationist organization. _Acts & Facts_ contains reports on debates, creationist activities, legal actions. _Impact_ is a scholarly article on one scientific topic. Recent issues also include _Back To Genesis_, an article with a Biblical slant. Voting membership in the ICR requires a postgraduate degree and signing of a statement of belief. Occasional good book deals (on Master Books publications) are distributed with the magazine. To my knowledge, back issues are not available, but back _Impact_ articles are occasionally published in bound collections by Master Books. Current issue of _Acts & Facts_ is Volume 19, number 8. Current _Impact_ is #206. Current _Back To Genesis_ is #20. Very highly recommended to both sides. The price is hard to beat. 4. _Origins Research_ ($5/year, 2 issues per year, ~12 pp.) Students for Origins Research / P.O. Box 38069 / Colorado Springs, CO 80937-8069 The biannual newsletter of Students For Origins Research, a creationist organization which seems to concentrate most of its activity on college campuses. Includes reports on activities, exchanges between creationists and evolutionists, and occasional scholarly articles. The newsletter is free to students and educators, if the request is mailed on university letterhead paper. They have a book ordering service, which sells a limited number of titles. Back issues are $1 each. Current issue is Volume 12, Number 2. Highly recommended. In the past, I'd have recommended the SOR over the ICR any day. But quality seems to be slipping, and an attempt to publish quarterly has failed (twice a year isn't enough to keep me in reading material). 5. _Creation Research Society Quarterly_ ($20/year, 4 issues, ~45 pp.) Membership Secretary, CRS / P.O. Box 14016 / Terre Haute, IN 47803 Research journal of the Creation Research Society. Includes mostly scholarly articles and book reviews. A decent book ordering service is provided. Membership in the CRS requires signing of a statement of belief. Voting membership requires an advanced degree in science. The subscription rate is lower for members ($12 students, $17 other). Back issues are available at $20.00 per volume ($17 for members). Current issue is Volume 27, Number 1. Recommended for those interested in technical articles from the creationist side. The scholarship is similar to that of the ICR, but quantity is greater (one _CRSQ_ versus three _Impact_). 6. _Bible-Science Newsletter_ ($15/year, 12 issues, ~20pp.) B-SA / P.O. Box 32457 / Minneapolis, MN 55432 Monthly newsletter of the Bible-Science Association. Contains letters, semi-technical articles, reports on activities. The B-SA has the best book-ordering service of any of the creationist organizations (they sell titles from many other publishers, including the ICR's publishing house). Membership requires signing of a statement of belief, and costs $22/year. Students and libraries get a reduced rate of $12/year. As far as I can tell, back issues are not available. Current issue is Volume 28, Number 7-8. Getting on the "book-ordering" list is recommended for all. The newsletter is somewhat hard-core (conspiracy theories, debates on geocentrism, etc.). Only recommended for thick-skinned evolutionists, or radical creationists. 7. _Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith_ ($25/year, 4 issues per year, ~70 pp.) ASA / P.O. Box 688 / Ipswich, MA 01938 Quarterly journal of the American Scientific Affiliation. Contains articles on various topics and book reviews. Topics of articles range from technical, to religious, to political. Membership to the ASA requires a bachelor's degree in science, and signing of a statement of belief ($45/year). Non-voting members need only sign the statement of belief ($40/year). Students get a discount ($20/year). Membership includes the journal and a bimonthly newsletter (which I don't review because I don't receive it). Back issues are available at $2 (1963-1982) or $5 (1983-1988) each. Current issue is Volume 42, Number 2. The ASA is as close to neutral as it's possible to get, I guess. The ICR split off the ASA decades ago because they endorsed teaching of evolution. The NCSE assuses the ASA of being creationist. The journal does not contain much of relevance to the Creation/Evolution debate. Probably of interest only to Christians who are scientists. -- Chris Stassen stassen@netcom.UUCP


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