Author: James Lippard ( Title: Lucy's knee joint: How creationist

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====================================================================== Author: James Lippard ( Title: Lucy's knee joint: How creationists deal with their errors Update: July 7, 1994 ====================================================================== LUCY'S KNEE JOINT: A CASE STUDY IN CREATIONISTS' WILLINGNESS TO ADMIT THEIR ERRORS Last updated: July 6, 1994 Originally posted: June 17, 1994 Creationists have been making the claim that Donald Johanson found the knee joint of "Lucy," a 40%-complete skeleton of the species _Australopithecus afarensis_, in a location "Sixty to seventy meters lower in the strata and two to three kilometers away" (Willis, 1987). This claim is false, and it has been pointed out repeatedly to those who make the claim that it is false. None of the major proponents of the claim have retracted it. One major proponent has privately agreed that it is false, and a few creationists have agreed to stop repeating it. One minor proponent made a public retraction. The claim originated with Tom Willis, head of the Creation Science Association for Mid-America, in an article he wrote for the _Bible-Science Newsletter_ (1987). In his article, Willis reported on a lecture by Johanson at the University of Missouri on November 20, 1986. Willis reported that the following exchange occurred during the question-and-answer session which followed Johanson's lecture: Q. How far away from Lucy did you find the knee? A. Sixty to seventy meters lower in the strata and two to three kilometers away. Either Willis or Johanson (probably Willis) misunderstood the question being asked. The question was not how far away from Lucy her own knee joint was found, but rather how far away from Lucy was the knee joint Johanson found the year before he discovered Lucy. The discoveries of both the original knee joint (1973) and Lucy (1974) are described in detail--including the locations of the finds--in Donald C. Johanson and Maitland E. Edey, _Lucy: The Beginnings of Humankind_ (1981) and in the articles in the April 1982 issue of the _American Journal of Physical Anthropology_. The creationist misunderstanding would never have occurred had either of these sources been consulted. Johanson has always been clear about the fact that his 1973 knee joint was a separate find from Lucy. All of the bones shown in photographs of Lucy were found at a single location. The problem has been compounded by the Institute for Creation Research's use of the name "Lucy" to refer to both the species _Australopithecus afarensis_ and the individual "Lucy," as ICR Museum director John Rajca did on the June 18, 1994 segment of the ICR's "Science, Scripture and Salvation" radio program. Rajca said: In the fall of 1973, near Hadar, Dr. Johanson found the fossil of what is now called Lucy. The reason it is called Lucy is that the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" was playing in the camp when the fossil was discovered. The first specimen of Lucy to be uncovered was a knee joint. At first this was judged to be a monkey; it was later labelled by Johanson as a hominid. Lucy is a 40% complete female skeleton.... The claim that Lucy's knee joint was found separate from the rest of the skeleton has been made by Russell Arndts (1991), Walter Brown (1989a), Michael Girouard (1989), Kent Hovind (1993a), David McAllister (1993a), John Morris (1989), David Nutting (1991, 1993, 1994), Paul Taylor (1989), and Tom Willis (1987). The following is a brief summary of attempts to get retractions: * Arndts was corrected by a letter to the editor of the _Bible-Science Newsletter_ from Lippard (April 12, 1991). The letter was neither published nor replied to. * Brown was corrected by Lippard (1989-90 and 1989), quoting from Johanson (1989). Brown's response (1989b and 1989-90) was to evade the issue and offer a completely different criticism of Johanson's "First Family" finds. This was in turn responded to by Lippard (1990), quoting from Johanson (1990). Brown never responded further. A letter from Lippard to _Origins Research_ (May 1990) responding to Brown (1989b) was never published or acknowledged. (The information in that letter was published in Lippard (1990).) * Girouard was corrected by Lippard in person immediately after his presentation, and given a copy of Johanson (1989). Girouard asked Lippard to write him a letter, and promised to respond. Lippard's letter of December 5, 1989 provoked no reply. * Hovind was corrected by a letter from Lippard (October 30, 1993) and agreed to stop using the claim (1993b). * McAllister was corrected in person by Lippard and given copies of Johanson (1989 and 1990). He publicly corrected the mistake during his lecture, and asked for other criticisms of his lecture and seminar workbook by letter. Lippard sent a detailed critique (November 7, 1993). McAllister (1993b) responded saying that he did not have time to reply at the moment, but would do so before the end of the year. He never did. * Morris (1993) admitted that he had read Lippard (1989-90) and knew the claim was false, but stated that he did not feel that a retraction of his 1989 article was necessary. * Nutting was sent a letter by Jim Foley asking about the claim in January 1994. He has not responded to that letter, and has subsequently repeated the claim (1994). Foley sent Nutting another letter, including an earlier version of this FAQ, on July 6, 1994. * Taylor has not been contacted by me. The fourth edition of his book (second printing, June 1993) does not mention Willis' article or the knee joint claim directly, but part of reference [206] in this edition says: Albert W. Mehlert, "A Study of Comments by Evolutionist Authorities on the Alleged Hominids Found in the Hadar/Afar region of Africa," _Contrast: The Creation Evolution Controversy_ Vol 6, No 1 (Bible-Science Association, January 87), pp1-2,4 (provides evidence that "Lucy" was made up of fossils from two separate sites and was an ape, "probably a chimp-like ape"). I have not yet obtained this article (which predates Willis) to see if it makes the same claim. * Willis was corrected by a letter from Lippard in 1989, but never responded. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Thanks to Jim Foley (Jim.Foley@FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM) for the information about the fourth edition of Taylor's book and about David Nutting. Thanks to KG Anderson ( for information about Rajca and the ICR radio program. REFERENCES Arndts, Russell (1991) "MinnLogic: The Size of the Burial Site and the Number of Individuals Buried," _Bible-Science Newsletter_ vol. 29, no. 4, April, p. 8. Brown, Walter T. 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