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*********************************************************** HUMAN EVOLUTIONARY RESEARCH (HUMEVO@GWUVM) An Electronic Publication of the International Institute for Human Evolutionary Research George Washington University, Washington, DC Vol. 4, No. 1 January 28, 1994 Editor: Noel T. Boaz (BOAZ@GWUVM) BULLETIN BOARD **Human Biology Council/ Society for the Study of Human Biology** Joint meeting, March 29-30, 1994, Westin Hotel, Tabor Center, Denver, Colorado, with sessions on: Energetics, Lifestyles and Nutritional Adaptation, and Genetic Determinants of Normal Physiological Variation. Contact: Ralph M. Garruto, Program Chair, National Institutes of Health, Bldg. 36, Rm. 5B-21, Bethesda, MD 20892; 301-846-1186; FAX 301-846-1569. **American Association of Anthropological Genetics** First Meeting, March 29, 1994, Denver,immediately following the Human Biology Council meeting and preceding the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. Papers on PCR and the human genome, studies of Aland Island and Basque populations, forensics, developmental genetics, growth, quantitaive aspects, and non-human primates. Contact: Sarah Williams-Blangero, SARAH@DARWIN.SFBR.ORG **Xth European Meeting of the Paleopathology Association** August 29 - September 3, 1994, Georg-August-Universitat, Gottingen, Germany. Deadline for registration is March, 1994. Contact: Michael Schultz, Universitat Gottingen, FAX 49-39-7028. **Paleoanthropological Society** April 19-20, 1994, Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, California, immediately preceding the meeting of the Society for American Arachaeology. Contact: John Yellen, JYELLEN@NSF.GOV. NEW JOURNAL CELL VISION (Eaton Publishing, Natick, Mass.) focuses on cellular-level analytic methods in morphology and their applications in biomedical research and diagnostics. Developments reported in this journal will benefit any scientist who visualizes and analyzes chemical components against the background of tissue structure. For further information contact: Francis W. Eaton, Publisher, FWEATON@BIOTECHNET.COM. NEW ELECTRONIC DISCUSSION GROUP IN HUMAN EVOLUTION Voting results are in and the proposal to form an unmoderated discussion group called SCI.ANTHROPOLOGY.PALEO passed 164:11. This discussion group aims to provide an unmoderated forum for paleoanthropological and general questions of human evolution, and thus can serve as a valuable addition to HUMEVO, which is moderated. Contact: Danny Yee, DANNY@ORTHANC.CS.SU.OZ.AU. COURSES **State of the Science Summer Institute in Biological Anthropology** June 6-11, 1994, International Institute for Human Evolutionary Research, George Washington University, Virginia Campus. Space is still available in this week-long comprehensive update on the fields within the discipline. Sessions taught by J. Fleagle, N. Boaz, F. Johnston, B. Bogin, G. Van Vark, D. Dean, D. Ubelaker, K. Weiss, M. Little, L. Wolfe, Y. Iscan, W. Trevathan, J. Kelso, A. Goodman, and C. Wienker. Contact: BOAZ@GWUVM.GWU.EDU. **New Paleoanthropology Graduate Program** The University of Sheffield, Department of Archaeology and Prehistory, is offering a new one-year full-time course in the science of human origins leading to the M.Sc. degree. Covering hominid biological and cultural evolution, Quaternary environments, and technical/methodological training, the course is preparatory to further doctoral work or to vocational specialization in paleoanthropology. Contact: Andrew T. Chamberlain (A.CHAMBERLAIN@SHEFFIELD.AC.UK). CANCELLED **Course in Paleopathology** CANCELLED planned for March 10-12, 1994, National Museum of Health and Medicine/Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, D.C. COURSE CANCELLED. RESEARCH Rh Factor Evolution - Rh Negative blood type females mating with RH positive type males have, historically, been relatively infertile compared to the reversal. It is unlikely that these two populations coevolved since, for them to have done so would have meant a gradual displacement of populations that are RH positive. As I understand it, there are primates that are RH positive, so this protein/gene had to be around prior to human evolution (unless it is a convergent adaptation which seems unlikely). Does anyone have any idea where the RH negative genotype arose, and when? What human populations possessed RH negative genes originally? Rh positive? -- Jim Bowery (JABOWERY@NETCOM.COM) Respondents - Please copy HUMEVO@GWUVM| Osteology and Relatedness - I am looking for osteological reports on graves where the identity and relationship among the buried individuals are known, i.e. family graves, etc. I appreciate any recommendations on literature. - Torbjorn Ahlstrom, Stockholm University (T.AHLSTROM@OFL.SU-KOM.SU.SE) "Group Selection and the Human Behavioral Sciences" - A target article by David Wilson and Elliot Sober for the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences is available for commentary. For further information contact Steven Harnad (HARNAD@CLARITY.PRINCETON.EDU). Articles for Current Anthropology - Barbara King was recently appointed Advisory Editor for Biological Anthropology for the journal Current Anthropology. She will be happy to discuss the journal and possible submissions in all areas of biological anthropology. Contact: BJKING@MAIL.WM.EDU.


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