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******************************************************* HUMAN EVOLUTIONARY RESEARCH (HUMEVO@GWUVM) An Electronic Publication of the International Institute for Human Evolutionary Research George Washington University, Washington, DC Vol. 3, No. 1 March 23, 1993 Editor: Noel T. Boaz (BOAZ@GWUVM) ******************************************************** Editorial Note: We at IIHER have been in the process of taking over the editorial production of the Physical Anthropology Newsletter (PAN), an involved process that means moving operations from New York to Washington. The timeliness of issues of HUMEVO has consequently suffered. There have been several suggestions that PAN and HUMEVO be merged into a broad- based electronic publication, but considering that many PAN subscribers are not on E-mail, we have decided that for the coming year it seems best to keep PAN on its regular quarterly publication schedule, and to return to the monthly format for HUMEVO. There may well be significant overlap in coverage for those of you who receive both PAN and HUMEVO. Suggestions for improvement and news are always appreciated. To communicate with PAN please use IIHER@GWUVM. HUMEVO is of course HUMEVO@GWUVM. BULLETIN BOARD **Human Biology Council (14 April, 1993)** & **American Association of Physical Anthropologists** 14-17 April, 1993, Toronto, Canada. Contacts: Cynthia Beall for HBC (cmb2@po.CWRU.Edu) and Jere Haas (AAPA), Div. Nutritional Sciences, 211 Savage Hall, Cornell Univ. Ithaca, NY 14853-6301; 607/255-4419. **"Human Reproductive Ecology:Interactions of Environment, Fertility, and Behavior"** 21-24 May, 1993, sponsored by New York Academy of Sciences at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Abstract Deadline: February 1, 1993. Contact: Kenneth Campbell, Dept. Biology, U Mass., Boston, MA 02125-3393. ** Pithecanthropus Centennial, 1893-1993** 26-30 June, 1993, Leiden, The Netherlands. Contact: Hans Beijer, P.O. Box 9555, 2300 RB Leiden, The Netherlands. FAX 31 71 273619. ** "Four Million Years of Hominid Evolution in Africa: An International Congress in Honour of Dr. Mary Douglas Leakey's Outstanding Contributions in Palaeoanthropology"** 8-14 August, 1993, Arusha, Tanzania. Contact: Congress Secretariat, P.O. Box 65453, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; FAX 255- 51-46229; Telex 41505 MUHMED TZ. COOPERATION COLUMN Do you have old copies of human evolution textbooks, extra reprints, old review copies of books? Dust them off and send to where they will do some good. Curtis Wienker will get them to Cuban biological anthropologists if you will send them to: Dr. C.W. Wienker, SOC 107 USF, Tampa, FL 33620. IIHER will include any similar donations in a shipment being prepared for the newly developing Instituto de Biociencias at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Address is: IIHER, GWU, 20101 Academic Way, Ashburn, VA 22011. RESEARCH Dr. Horst Dieter Steklis, Director of the Karisoke Gorilla Reserve Station in Rwanda, reports that armed forces involved in the Rwandan civil war overran the primate station at Karisoke on February 18,1993, forcing evacuation of the buildings by researchers. Poaching of the gorillas seems a real threat as normal park operations have broken down. But a cease-fire has now taken effect in Rwanda and Dieter hopes to be back at Karisoke by the end of April. Versions 3.5c and 3.5p of PHYLIP, the Phylogeny Inference Package, have now been released by Joe Felsenstein at the University of Washington (joe@genetics.washington.edu or felsenst@uwavm). PHYLIP is a free package of programs for inferring phylogenies, available in C or Pascal languages for running on PC's or Macintoshes. PHYLIP is available by anonymous ftp from evolution.genetics.washington.edu (IP number in directory pub/phylip. FORDISC 1.0 is an interactive DOS computer program which classifies an unknown adult cranium based on known samples using up to twenty-one cranial measurements. Its primary use is in forensic identification and hence will be of greatest value to forensic anthropologists. FORDISC provides a good deal of statistical information to the user, including discriminant function coefficients, group means by variable, correctly assigned percentage of sample groups, and posterior and typicality probabilities. For more information contact Steve Ousley at the University of Tennessee (SOUSLEY@UTKVX). EDUCATION The European Community "Erasmus" Intensive Course "Human Evolution, A Multidiscplinary Approach" will be offered May 31 - June 11, 1993 in Madrid, Spain. There are two presentations per day by eleven instructors on topics ranging from methods of excavation to biochemical perspectives on evolution to the Neolithic. For more information contact Prof. M.-D. Garralda, Universidad Complutense, Fac. de Biologia, Antropologia, Ciudad Universitaria, 28040 Madrid, Spain; Tel: 34 1 394.49.40; FAX 34 1 394.49.40. There is still space for the Bioanthropological "State of the Science" Summer Institute to be held at the International Institute for Human Evolutionary Research outside Washington, DC June 7 - June 12, 1993. For more information contact Boaz@GWUVM or Kelso_J@CUBLDR.


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