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HUMAN EVOLUTIONARY RESEARCH (HUMEVO@GWUVM) An Electronic Publication of the International Institute for Human Evolutionary Research George Washington University, Washington, DC Vol. 2, No. 6 October 30, 1992 Editor: Dr. Noel T. Boaz (BOAZ@GWUVM) ************************************************************ NEWSLETTER The East African "Daily Nation" recently reported a discovery of 5 to 6 million year old vertebrate fossils in western Tanzania made by Terry Harrison of New York University and Michael Mbago, Director of the Tanzanian Museum of Natural History. No hominids have been discovered as yet but there is an abundant fossil mammal fauna. BULLETIN BOARD ********** American Anthropological Association ************* 91st Annual Meeting, December 2-6, 1992, San Francisco San Francisco Hiton ********** 16th Annual Ethnobiology Conference ************** March 11-13, 1993, Boston MA contact Julie Hansen, Dept Arch, Boston U, Boston, MA 02215 ***** American Association of Physical Anthropologists ****** April 14-17, 1993 Toronto, Canada contact Jere Haas, Div. Nutritional Sciences 211 Savage Hall, Cornell U Ithaca, NY 14853-6301 ***** Biological Anthropology "State of the Science" ******** Summer Institue June 7-12, 1993 International Institute for Human Evolutionary Research George Washington University, Virginia Campus contact Noel Boaz, BOAZ@GWUVM.BITNET ********** Pithecanthropus Centennial 1893-1993 ************ June 26-28, 1993 deadline for abstracts: Feb. 1, 1993 contact Hans Beijer, Pieter de la Court Bldg, PO Box 9555, 2300 RB Leiden, The Netherlands; FAX +31-71-273619 COOPERATION COLUMN Curtis Wienker, University of South Florida, is putting together an AAPA brochure targeted at secondary school students interested in what physical anthropologists do. He is in need of ideas as well as photographs. Please contact him if you can be of any help. CWIENKER@CFRVM.BITNET The Department of Biology of the University of Sao Paulo has recently initiated a new program in Evolutionary Human Biology, headed by Dr. Walter Alves Neves. It is the first program of university research and instruction in human evolution to be instituted in Brazil and it can serve as a model for other universities in the country. The program will also promote dissemination of information about human evolution to the lay public. A recent circular letter sent out by Dr. Neves and Dr. Antonio Cestari, Head of Biology, states that "it is our belief that all citizens have the right to have access to the basic information about the evolution of their own species". They continue that "tolerance among humans could be significantly improved if people in general were aware of the millions of years that were necessary to produce the present human biological and cultural diversity in the planet." The program is being launched despite a severe economic crisis in Brazil and virtually non-existent funding for science in the country. Dr. Neves asks for any educational, bibliographical, or scientific materials related to Biological Anthropology, particularly casts of fossils, reprints, extra textbooks, software, slides, etc. These can be sent to Dr. Neves at Instituto de Biociencias, Caixa Postal 11.461, CEP 05499, Cidade Universitaria, 01000 Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brian Brown, PhD student at Michigan State University, is studying limb asymetry in historic human populations. He has two questions: 1. Has anyone had any good/bad experiences using digital calipers which put data directly into cells of a laptop's spread sheet for data acquisition? 2. Does anyone know of literature relating to bilateral asymetry studies of documented populations of humans since the 1960s? or of anyone studying this? 19910BXB@MSU (Bitnet) or 19910BXB@IBM.CL.MSU.EDU (Internet) EDUCATION A Faculty Training Seminar on "Biological Perspectives in the Social Sciences" will be sponsored by the Gruter Institute and the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for the Social Sciences at Dartmouth Collge from July 31 to August 6, 1993. Directed by Roger D. Masters (Department of Government, Dartmouth College) and Michael T. McGuire (Neuropsychiatric Institute, UCLA), assisted by various lecturers in each discipline covered, this seminar will survey contemporary evolutionary perspectives on human behavior. Attendance is limited to 40 faculty members or advanced graduate students whose research and/or teaching integrates the life sciences and some area of the social sciences. A number of grants covering expenses of room and board will be available. For information, write: Ms. Kimberly Watson, Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for the Social Sciences, 6082 Rockefeller Hall, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755. Telephone: (603) 646-3874; FAX (603) 646-1329.


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