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************************************************************ HUMAN EVOLUTIONARY RESEARCH / HUMEVO@GWUVM An Electronic Publication of the International Institute for Human Evolutionary Research The George Washington University, Washington, DC Vol. 2, No. 5 October 9, 1992 Editor: Dr. Noel T. Boaz (BOAZ@GWUVM) ************************************************************ BULLETIN BOARD ***Chimp Survival*** a lecture in the series "Human Evolution" by Geza Teleki George Washington Univeristy, Lisner Auditorium October 20, 1992 7:00 PM for more information call (202)994-7411 ***4th International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology*** 31 July - 4 August, 1994 University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois, USA. Contact: Dr. Susan Herring, Dept. Orthodontics, SM-46, Univ. Washington, Seattle, WA 98195; 206-543-3203; FAX 206-685-8163; or Dr. Philip Ulinski, Dept. Organismal Biol. & Anatomy, Univ. Chicago, Chicago, IL 60637; 312-702-8081; FAX 312-702-0037. ***American Academy of Forensic Sciences*** February, 1993, Boston, Massachusetts Contact: Peggy C. Caldwell, M.A., Program Chairperson via E-mail at OTT@ZODIAC.RUTGERS.EDU. NEWSLETTER HUMEVO needs news briefs on your institution's and colleagues' recent research and activities. Send to: HUMEVO@GWUVM. COOPERATION COLUMN Marc Van Ranst (VANRANST@AECOM.YU.EDU) is looking for information on homologous coding sequences (any gene) for the pygmy chimpanzee (Pan paniscus, bonobo), common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes), and Homo sapiens. He sequenced three homologous viral sequences from these three species, and would like to compare the divergence between the viral genes and the divergence between somatic genes. He wants to concentrate at coding sequences. Please send him any references that may be of help. RESEARCH Chris Stringer (Natural History Museum, London) discovered two hominid skulls (one preserves some of the face) at Atapuerca this summer from a cave fill site. This particular site has produced a lot of fragmentary hominid remains in the past, all of the "archaic" H. sapiens variety. (from David Dean DEAN@KARRON.MED.NYU.EDU) Jack Prost (University of Illinois, Chicago) makes the suggestion that all morphometric data used in published studies should be deposited in a central data bank and made available to researchers. He suggests that this might even be a requirement for publication. Opinions are welcome at HUMEVO@GWUVM. Individuals interested in this topic, the Anthropological Morphometric Data Bank (see HUMEVO 31 May 1992), are invited to add their names to a mailing list for a planning meeting to be held at the next annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (BOAZ@GWUVM). EDUCATION The first annual Bioanthropology "State-of-the-Science" Summer Institute will be held June 7-12, 1993 at the International Institute for Human Evolutionary Research outside Washington, D.C. Topics covered in seminars and workshops will include Growth and Development, Statistical Applications, Paleoanthropology, Innovative Instructional Techniques, Skeletal Biology, New Morphological Imaging Techniques, Biomedical Anthropology, Molecular Anthropology, Primate Socio-Ecology, and Population Studies. Cost will be $325 per participant and will cover accomodations, breakfast and lunches, registration fee, instructional materials, and recreation. Registration is limited to 100 participants. For further details contact KELSO_J@CUBLDR or BOAZ@GWUVM.


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