Author: Robert Day ( Title: A Fishy Creationist Experiment The crea

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====================================================================== Author: Robert Day ( Title: A Fishy Creationist Experiment ====================================================================== The creationist research has been done, and examined, and it has been shown quite clearly to be utter rubbish. Some examples of this were showcased in a recent issue of "Creation/Evolution." For example: One creationist, E. Norbert Smith, wanted to prove that water-dwelling animals would have survived the flood by staying in the water. This is a problem as there are both salt-water and fresh-water marine organisms. (Stop me if I'm going too fast for you, Bob.) Smith's conjecture was that, despite the cataclysmic, overwhelming, earth-shattering, mountain-forming (you get the idea, Bob?) deluge, the salt water and fresh water would not have mixed completely, and that there would have been pockets of salt water (that the saltwater fishies would have somehow found and hung out in), and ditto for the freshwater fishies. Smith's attempt to prove this was to take a small aquarium, put some sand in it, fill it partially with salt water, and put a crab in this. He then (in an attempt to simulate the conditions during the cataclysmic, overwhelming, etc., etc. flood), FLOATED A PIECE OF PAPER ON THE SALT WATER, filled the rest of tank with fresh water and, finally, for realism, put a small goldfish in the fresh water. To his chagrin, he found that, after several days, the water mixed quite thoroughly. Anyone with the sense of a urinal deodorizer disc would have concluded that the experiment was a failure. But not E. Norbert Smith, oh no. What Smith lacked in common sense, he made up for in tenacity. He repeated the experiment, this time LEAVING OUT THE FISH. To his glee, there was a difference in salinity levels after several days. Success! Vindication! Bozo. Now, Bob, since you were the one who yapped on about the "quality of the research," I want your opinion on Smith's experiment. No weaseling, now. Was it a high quality experiment or not? And would you, if you were editor of a scientific journal, have accepted it for publication?


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