Forwarded message: To: Date: 96-12-31 14:29:39 EST I recently received th

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--------------------- Forwarded message: From: (Robert Sheaffer) To: Date: 96-12-31 14:29:39 EST I recently received the following note: To: Contributors to UFO show on A&E _UFOs vs. The Government_ will launch the new series _The Unexplained_ on A&E. UFO program premieres Thursday, January 2 at: 10PM eastern, 9PM central, 8PM Mountain, 7PM Pacific Time. There are five segments: Rendlesham Forest [England], The Belgium Wave, Falcon Lake [Manitoba], Holland [Michigan], and Area 51 [Nevada]. Our goal was to produce a compelling program that presents _both_ sides of each of the stories, letting the viewers decide for themselves if 'the truth is out there!' I think we've succeeded. I hope you agree! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I will be appearing in the Holland, Michigan segment. Other skeptics, as well as non-skeptics, will be appearing in the other segments. Robert Sheaffer - - Skeptical to the Max! Visit my new Home Page - Skeptical Resources Debunking All Manner of Bogus Claims Also: Opera / Astronomy / Mens Issues / more


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